Steve Jobs voted "Most Admired"

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  1. By Egan Orion
    Wednesday, 14 October 2009, 11:03

    OVER A THIRD of America's pimply-faced yoof are wanna-be black-shirted Apple fanatics, apparently, as they voted for Steve Jobs as their most admired entrepreneur.

    Jobs got 35 per cent of the votes in a survey of 1,000 US teenagers, beating out TV talk-show hostess Oprah Winfrey (25 per cent) and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (10 per cent).

    Also-rans reportedly included Tony Hawk, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Kimora Lee Simmons (We have no clue as to who any of those people are, but then we're not teenagers.)

    "We live in a celebrity-obsessed culture, so it's no surprise that teens admire famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey, who have built brands around their personas as well as around their products," said Jack Kosakowski, president of Junior Achievement, which conducted the survey.

    Almost two thirds of the 12 to 17 year-olds indicated they chose Apple messiah Saint Steve of Jobs because he "made a difference in [or] improved people's lives or made the world a better place". One third cited his "success in multiple fields".

    Junior Achievement is the yoof culture outreach and indoctrination arm of the US Chambers of Commerce crowd that teaches business and financial skills to teenagers around the world.

    Obviously it doesn't teach critical thinking skills. Or maybe the little corporate vultures in training admire Jobs because he's been so successful at getting people to pay way over the odds for personal computers, music players and mobile phones, just by seeming cool and being smug. ยต
  2. lol who gets so salty about apple? if you're going to get bitter about a company please do it about a company that actually harms the environment and or people.
  3. It's easy to admire him as a public speaker.
  4. He admirably stole technology from xerox.
  5. Like... Apple? For years thier products were some of the least green on the market. They just backed themselves into a corner by advertising to hippies then selling non-green computers. They didn't clean up thier act out of the respect for mother earth.

    Dell on the other hand has been offering to recycle old computers, free of charge, so old computers don't end up in landfills, since way before the "green is trendy" movmement. And the have put a "plant a tree for me" option on every Dell for just as long. Which only costs $6 and helps offset the carbon footprint that having that computer creates.

    Don't pretend apple is some kind of pioneer in the green movement. They got into it only when pushed, and after it became trendy, and far after companies like Dell
  6. Greenpeace has boycotted Apple for years, you silly wog.
  7. Not to mention they, like pretty much every other electronics company, uses cheap East Asian labor to manufacture their goods. Designed, not built, in California.
  8. Egan Orion is your new pen name? Or is this actually another butthurt anti-Apple obsessed hack of a writer?
  9. all I know is that jobs is supposedly one of the worst bosses on the planet to work for. Hes a total D-bag.
  10. It's not like kids know shit anyway.
  11. not exactly "on base" when it comes to personal opinions.
  12. so today's youth like apple?

    who knew
  13. admiring an hipster? Lol @ USA
  14. ugh this post is horrible.
  15. ugh this post is horrible.
  16. Steve jobs apparently picks the music for the ipod commercials and shit. dude is a baller.

    #$%# yall, all a yall.
  17. I think Larry Ellison is worse.
  18. he has some abandoned mansion around here. he wanted to tear it down but the city said he couldnt cuz its historic or some shit so he just said #$%# it and let it rot. wonder if anyone has urban xed that thing
  19. They have I don't remember where but I saw pics of it
  20. They have I don't remember where but I saw pics of it
  21. there's an app for this
  22. iFaGGot app?
  23. lol
  24. It's called the Jackling House, someone has been inside and taken some pictures.

    It's a very ugly house with almost no historical value, it's a large nouveau riche mansion in a vernacular style.

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