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    the XJR HP is low cause of one reason.
    It uses the same 6.0L engine found in the XJ12, and the XJS through 1996.
    just had been tuned a little bit for some extra 12.
    the lightweight design of the XJR15 helped its 0-60 time.
    having a true racing engine, this car would be faster.

    however, the car is still produced in limited numbers.
    dubbed, the last Jaguar supercar.... until another one rolls out.
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    4 of the built XJR's came w/ the 7.0 liter V12 producing 725bhp. One of which I'm selling on ebay right now.
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    give ya $2 ok(lol)
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    alrighty then...anyone selling a batmobile???
  5. yea right...

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