Still not good enough, But close!

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  1. Every comparo i've read to date has the M5 still number purely because of it's compability as a drivers car with performance to back it up. I on the other hand am liking the E55 AMG very much, 516lb/ft@2650RPM! that's gotta be a rush to drive, drive it everyday even...
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    when the S-Series get the new chassis, they'll surely be an awesome car to drive in. 0-60 times would improve by almost half a second, making the next geenration S-Type R, probably having a 0-60 in 4.6 seconds.
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    This car is miserable. I think its a ford, hell i know its a ford. Its Lincoln LS based and even tho this is a fast car, the new XJR blows it out of the water. I thought it had potential at first but i have grown to dislike it. The S-type got the last place position in a comparo that Car and Driver recently had. I read it and it really sounded like the S- type is lagging behind. Jaguar is seriously one step behind. Maybe a new chassis will help, who knows. When is that chassis supposed to come out and what will it be based on? ide like to know if Jaguar will be playing catch up or what not.
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    what were the cars in the comparison?

    i saw a lincoln ls get beat by a number of lesser cars like altimas and mazda 6. then i found out why. they tested the v-6 manual version not the v-8 verion. the difference between the base cars and the premium ones is night and day. be sure they tested the new r and not the old one or a v-6

    also car and driver prefers cars that are more fun to drive. if they compared a miata to a amg sl55 then the miata would win because it has a stick shift. this is the way they have always been.

    let me ask you something. who wants a luxury car with a stick shift. stick are for performance not luxury, how many limosines do you see with manuals. automatics are smoother and faster if made right(amg is an example). car and driver has repeatedly picked the m5 over cars that are more refined and faster just becuase of the stick, they dont tell you that the manual has a sticky clutch and makes smooth casual driving almost impossible.

    the s-type is made for luxury they want you to be able to go fast and not know it, for all your comfort and luxury, shame on bmw for making a luxury car that is trying to be fast, that should be left for the m3 not the m5.
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    Well it still is a very lovely looking car....and the ride and handling are me, my dad has the normal V8 version...but he won't let me drive it :-( !
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    dam that sucks when you get your L,s take the jag for a burn
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    I have an L....if u mean license...but he loves that car more than he loves me(only just kidding).....oh well....he's gonna take a vacation someday...... heh heh heh heh!!
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    Yah, shame on BMW for building the worlds best engineered (until the arrival of the current E-Class) and fastest 4 door 5 passenger sedan on the road. You idiot, if cars like the M5 hadn't materialized, the S-Type R probably wouldn't even exist. Don't get pissed off that BMW offers a manual transmission on almost all of their cars and Jaguar doesn't. If anything, that move should be praised as many manufacturers don't offer the option of a nice 5 or 6 speed manual tranny with a stick and a clutch pedal. Luxury has nothing to do with driving manual or automaitc transmissions. Who says one can't travel in comfort while ripping heel and toe downshifts? You? I have nothing against driving a car with an automatic transmission, but some of us like to shift our own gears.

    Oh and BTW, no automatic is as fast as a manual. A pair of cars side by side with drivers who boast identical driving skills, identical power, weight, suspension, tires etc... but differing tranny's (one with a manual, the other an automatic) will always end the same way if the cars go head to head. The car with the manual transmission is going to come out on top. If anything, electrohydraulically controlled manuals are almost comparable to a stick and clutch pedal manual tranny, but a torque converter automatic will always sap more power from the engine and not be able to shift as fast. And before you go off about the 5 speed automatic in MB AMG cars, realize that those are automatic transmissions, and not electrohydraulically controlled manuals like BMW's SMG or Ferrari's F1 style transmissions.
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    if the M5 haven't materialized, Jaguar would still claimed title of the fastest sedan. (XJ12)
    however, a sequential auto is faster than a manual (look at ferrari which actually uses a semi-automatic transmission)
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    You idiot. I said if cars LIKE the M5 hadn't materialized. That includes all sport sedans. In other words, if balls to the wall performance sedans like the M5 and the XJR never came into existence, Jag wouldn't have even bothered with an S-Type R. The S-Type R came to be because of the ever so crowded sport sedan market (this includes other Jaguar products genius). Besides, I could be wrong but I'm almost certain that the M535i came before the XJR. I'll have to check on that though as I'm not sure.

    And Ferrari DOES NOT use a sequential automatic transmission in it's F1 equipped cars, it uses a sequential manual (THERE IS A DIFFERENCE). And the last time I checked, the BMW M3 6 spd manual ripped off better acceleration times than a BMW M3 SMG. I'll have to check on the times for a Ferrari 360 Modena 6 spd manual and a Ferrari F360.

    As for the time being, sequential manuals are much more consistent as you don't run the risk of mishifting, human error, etc... but guys like Schumy are still faster. Then again, how many people are as fast as him. Last time I checked there weren't too many. But that doesn't change the fact that the fastest computers still can't outperform the fastest humans.
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    my bad about the sports car,
    the M535i :
    BMW E12 M535i

    The E12 M535i was introduced in 1979. This was the first four door M series.
    It had a six cylinder engine with 218 HP and a top speed of 225 km/h.
    The E12 M535i went out of production in 1981.

    i dont know if that's a special model, or just a model. granted it was the first M series car.
    and the R series isn't introduced in sedan form till 1995.
    main reason was jaguar didn't need to as Jaguar during those days simply controled the top HP cars. though 1993 seen the XJR-S which is an XJS with the first 6.0 engine
    so i would assume the m series came before the r series.

    please try to find the frrari stats, i remember reading an article about the ferrari auto being faster than the manual.
    nor do i remember on what setting (Track or 0-60)
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    Interesting thread...

    The first BMW 'M car' was the M1, I believe the M535i was the second. Consult your local anorak for the history of the M5.

    Anyone remember the Jaguar Sport XJR from the late Eighties? It was never designed to take on the M5, but was still a very good car all the same. Chasseur Developments also did a tuned XJ40, which was very fast. Hey everyone, take a look at

    Weirdly, it's reckoned that BMW were after XJR customers with the M5 E39.

    M5 or S Type R then? Evo (UK monthy rag) reckon they are pretty evenly matched, performance and handling wise. I personally favour the M5; I prefer the neater styling and the fitting of a manual gearbox. Then again, the Lotus Carlton is the one for me. It's arrival in the early Nineties actually upset some people, because it was so fast and looked like it might run you down for fun.
  13. it doesn't exactly pump out the same performance as the others.
    but for the price, it is a big bargain

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