Stop comparing this the z06

Discussion in '2005 Ferrari F430' started by THE EDGE2, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. its a fair comparison.
  2. Want proof? the last issues of r&t and c&d both showed the 430 beat the z06 among other cars. R&T actually put them on tracks and the Z06 lost out to the 430. Ya it's cheaper. So what? That has so little to do with performance it shouldn't even really come up. Price has to do with market value and the overall desired profit margins of the two companies, as well as production costs (it costs more $$$ per car if you make 500 models than 10,000 because the fixed cost get spread out more). Chevrolet sells everything from vans to trucks to cars etc. (off of assembly lines) so they can afford to sell a customized Z06 for way less. Ferrari depends on the two or three customized models currently in production to finance themselves. There really is little connection between $$$$$$$ and 0-60s. Price is just an excuse used by American car fans to justify inferior performance.
  3. Its actually not a bad comparison. Ive seen these two compared twice and the F430 won both, which I agree with. The ZO6 is a great car, and Im proud America can build something to run with big hitters in this world. On racetracks, depending on the track, they would be an entertaining match. The more curves and turns and hairpins there are, the farther away the F430 pulls. The more straights, the ZO6 starts to gain a lead. Price is just a pointless factor, like it was previously stated its an excuse to justify inferior performance, but just with the Corvette, because other American exotics, the GT and S7, certainly do not have unusually low prices for the performance. GT's is low, but not shockingly low. There is just no way a ZO6 will win these comparisons though, because an F430 is built with pure passion and history. The race bred engine, the styling, the heritage..all of it is laced with passion and roots in successful racing efforts. They can compare all they want, but the F430 wins in my book every time, no matter what they say. Im a member of the Tifiosi, very proud too, what can I say.
  4. pagani zonda f will leave this car in its dust
  5. O RLY? You idiot!
  6. O RLY? You idiot!
  7. Quote from blingdatice:
    pagani zonda f will leave this car in its dust

    Hooray! You are so smart! I'd never have noticed that.
  8. the same way an Enzo FXX will mince the zonda f
  9. thank you gsolinas...someone actually knows the economics of the car situation. the line with fixed costs is right on, anyone who has taken an economics class knows that the more you make, the less the average fixed cost. and somehow i think there are a few more chevys on the road than ferraris. im sick and tired of people saying, "well they're so much cheaper." ok if you want a cheaper car then get an american car, if you want a car that is special, rare, and performs then buy a ferrari. the z06 is a good car, but dont compare a chevy to the history of ferrari. but as jeremy clarkson has told us, the z06 is garbage on the backroads, where the ferrari is excellent. american cars just dont handle like cars made by people who have been doing this for their entire existance.
  10. lol @ the guy who said the Enzo FXX would mince the Zonda F. (Which is pretty true.) (YEAH FXX ENZO!)

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