Stunning looks, great horsepower

Discussion in '2006 GM EcoJet' started by jinx, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Can you actually drive something like this? Is the turbine really that responsive to changes in rotational speed? As in stop-and-go traffic? And how much heat do they generate during long idles?
  2. Stunning car yes. Just avoid the front! I do however rather enjoy the rear quarter view. It looks rather butch.
  3. It looks like a train...pretty mean.
  4. Both issues can be mitigated to some extent through the use of CVTs and recuperators, respectively. Using a recuperator also improves fuel economy, though this is still a problem as well.

    Gas turbines are obviously still way behind piston engines as far as use in automobiles.
  5. its a GM.
  6. This is the replacement for the DTS. :p
  7. Does it really make sense in terms of economy? I mean, jet engines do run on biodiesel but they are not efficient. This engine does not advance the development of economic engines. It's just great horsepower in good looks but technologically not very interesting. Granted, SEMA would not be the right forum, maybe it makes sense to demonstrate that biofuels allow great horsepower.
  8. I agree with ElStiesen but in its defence a supercar is made to perform not be a hybrid. Either way ecojet doesn't fit. Ferrari rules!!

    Aerodynamics is for people who can't build engines
    -Enzo Ferrari

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