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  1. Stupid Salesmen

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    I was down at the local Chevy dealer today to check out the C6s they just got in. i was with a buddy of mine who is a veteran corvette mechanic. i have a blown C5, and he has a built C4.

    as soon as we walked in, the resident "Corvette expert" (and I use that term VERY loosely) immediately came over and introduced himself. he tried to get an idea of whether we were serious or not. i mentioned that we both owned corvettes, and so he launched into his standard C6 sales pitch. he went over all sorts of stuff about the body and interior, and finally got to the engine. I wanted to see what kind of insight he had into the 2006 Z06, so I asked if he knew what kind of engine and power the upcoming Z06 would have. he replied that it would have _exact same engine_ (LS2), but would have 500/500 hp/tq. i asked how the heck GM was going to get an extra 100 HP out of the same engine, and he replied "they're just going to put a different chip in it". I bit my tongue to avoid calling him an idiot. then, to have some fun, i asked if GM could really get an extra 100 HP out of simply tuning, and he said "oh yeah. just have to put in a different chip. thats it. these cars are amazing." " then asked if he had some of these chips in the parts department so I could sell "100 HP corvette chips" on eBay. he didn't get the joke and said he would check. at this point, we ran like hell and didn't look back.

  2. HA! I think corvettes and the future/current preium cars should be sold in serperate dealerships. Ones like Ferraris and Lamborghinis are in. Warm lighting Carpeting, ect.
  3. I wonder If I can pick up a chip for my cutlass.
  4. hahaha...& I always figured rycers to be ignorant. How does he survive at that dealership being that dumb?
  5. Most salesman don't know much about cars, they just know about moving product. 95% of the customers don't care and will glaze over if you get into actuall "car-guy" stuff. It actually hampered me because I found it hard to tell people that the used Kia Rio they thought looked cute was a good idea...
  6. you obviously don't get the purpose of upscale cars that no one makes money on and their effect on cheaper cars of the same manufacturer. as in, no, that's a retarded idea.
  7. Yeah, I chipped mine. Should pick up about 300 horsepower. Just lemme know if you want one, I'll sell it for $100. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  8. most of the ppl looking for new cars are pretty dumb
    they can relate to the clients better
  9. Ya know, there are chips/computer reprogrammers that can pickup 100+ horsepower, just not for a Corvette, or for any gasoline-fueled car I know of (except maybe some heavily restricted turbo cars).
  10. No it isnt. GM can afford it. It dosnt even have to be super plush. Just more skilled techs and slaesmen. DCX has 5-star (which isnt even that different). Maybe not the base C6 but the Z06 and supervette. The V-series cars, ect.
  11. Yea chips for Diesels can easily make a 100hp gain, but like you said, not for gasoline engine cars.
  12. GM doesn't make money on the corvette. it's manufactured, not to please fanboys like you, but because it gains a following even with people that can't afford them, who go to the dealership and end up buying a camaro or cavalier or something. stop talking about shit you have no knowledge of.
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  14. I don't believe you that the Corvette doesn't make GM money. I don't believe you at all.
  15. Yea, especialy when they are selling close to 35,000 units a year.
  16. Agreed.

    And dont be another one of those fanboy fanboys. Your probably a ford fanboy. It would benefit them because people woud enjoy going there more and it was probably make more sales. And corvettes are extremely profitable.
  17. The next time a salesman pulls BS on me, I am totally calling him out on it.
  18. LOL. I have always wanted to do that. Never had it in me to torture the soul after all of that a$$ kissing
  19. A Saleen salesman once told me the supercahrged S281 runs 10s. Holy crap, do I ever wish I had another chance to go off on him. I would have made him quit.
  20. LMFAO!!!!!!
  21. No, it cost 350 million for the C5 program. It ran seven years each year selling over 30,000 units. To break even all they would have to do is make a little over 1,600 per unit. They make more than that off a cavalier and that has the lowest margin. They are easily making 5k per vechile and this does not include the money they make from finacing. Chevy is easily making money off the vette.
  22. 1997-2004 = 8 years?

    Anyway, yes Chevy is surely making money on the Corvette. It's in GM's blood to try to make money on every car they sell.
  23. yep, because all lambo and ferrari dealers i have been in have carpeting.
  24. Meh. It dosnt matter. But it should be nicer.

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