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  1. I'm a Maronite Catholic, but when I can't get to Milbrae, the nearest Roman Catholic parish will do. So I went to St. Elizabeth Seton here in Pleasanton, and I'll be damned if I didn't think I had walked into a tent revival meeting. That place is populated with lame-ass obligation Catholics who wish they were protestant. And the music damn near killed me. I go to church partly to escape pop-culture, but when it follows me through the doors, I get paranoid. I'll put it this way. I go to church with the reasonable expectation that there will be honest-to-God church music, gregorian chant, hymns, and the occaisonal spiritual thrown in for spice. When I want rock music, I'll go to a Yellow Card concert.
  2. maroonic catholic, wtf? you're brown and praying for God?
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    You got a problem with that, butthead? I'm not brown, per se, (you'd swear I was italian) but I am 75% Lebanese, from a country that was, until 1949, largely Catholic. I was born here, though.
  4. I was just bullshitting around, don't take that personal.
  5. I didn't. *grins*
  6. Damn, I wanted to see a cripple fight
  7. well, i come from one of the most traditional roman catholic dioceses in the country, and a even there a few parishes on the outskirts go way out of their way to casualize everything. i mean, just about every church short of St. Thomas More Cathedral (i guess) and the Nat'l Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in DC has "teen masses" which are looser than the high mass, and sometimes a more folk-style mass as opposed to the traditional organ music, but some dont have kneeling, some have padded seats (certainly comfortable but totally unorthodox), and some even take liberties w/ stuff like the type of bread to use (can be a big no-no).

    it tees me off, but then i come to places like the Diocese of Richmond here, and *gasp* the campus ministry, and realize how well i have it back home <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  8. Yeah, you have it good there. It all has to do with the fact that the Maryland area was the only bastion of Catholicism in America for the longest time.

    BTW, kneeling comes from Jansenism, a heresy. Noone used to kneel, they all just stood through the whole thing like good practicioners of a semitic religion. In the Maronite church, the only sitting is during the readings, other than the gospel. Some people even remove their shoes at my church. In the middle east, at least as far as Christianity and Judaism are concerned, you stand in the presence of God. Kneeling is what slaves do.
  9. i wish i could break that stupid f ucking guitar over the head of the musician at our church. its annoying as hell and breaks mood of the sermon.
  10. kneeling comes from a lot of old practices, ranging from Good Friday prayers, to absolutions, bidding prayers, and many others. it is a sign of deep reverence long used during private prayer throughout christianity, and is used (at least in the Roman rite, probably in several more rites in this day and age if it wasnt before) during the liturgy of the eucharist, similarly as a sign of reverence. its intent is much along the lines of genuflexion in the Roman rite. has nothing to do w/ slaves.
  11. ????????????
  12. stop posting that stupid shit, 2fast.
  13. funnily enough, down here in Lafayette, Louisiana, the parish church I attend is St Elizabeth SEton, and yes it has the same type of music.
  14. "Only bastion of Catholicism"?

    Ever heard of a place called Boston?
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    You are not a true believer and shall die like an infidel.
  17. My church is very casual.
  18. he's speaking of the colonies. Maryland was the only catholic colony in the British colonies, and more or less the only place where it was tolerated remotely fairly. when immigrants came from Ireland en masse, then came Boston. but that was far later.
  19. Nobody kneeled except for absolution until the Jansenists in the middle ages. Trust me. In semitic cultures in the early days of Judaism, like the Jabiru and the Labans, only slaves kneeled.
  20. Our church has padded kneelers. I find that pointless so I kneel on the stone floor.
  21. The Maronites and Melkites are the original Christians, cockhead. Did you think Jesus and his disciples were white?

    EDIT: Roman Catholicism did not exist as we know it until the middle of the first millenium, and even then, it was quite different.
  22. i got everything i said from the catholic encyclopedia. Jansenists were not mentioned, though the Jewish Church was clearly described as one that stood during prayer.

    that being said, who cares? it's all custom, and being that it's the Latin rite im speaking of, semetic cultures = all but irrelevent.
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    Bah, go do what you want. It's not like I'm trying to convert you or anything. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    BTW: Jansenists were not mentioned probably because they were a rather sorry chapter in church history.
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    that and it's not the only factor behind it.

    edit- from what i can tell, i believe the custom of genuflexion (like i said, largely Latin rite to begin with) had a significant role in that. i mean while the Eastern rites like yours tend to embody a lot of the more middle eastern or orthodox cultures, the Latin rite embodies that of most of the western world of the time.
  25. Find an orthadox church if you want anti-modern, anti-pulp culture. They're actualy kind of refreshing in a quint and backwards sort of way.

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