Styling: Gallardo Vs. F430

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by AMERICAN DRUG LABOURER, Nov 26, 2004.

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  2. Ferrari F430...I saw the Gallardo in real life wasn't that great
  3. Lambo, seen it in real life and it looks awsome, but less so beside the Murcielago
  4. I like the front end styling of the Gallardo and the rear end of the F430.

    Overall, I would say the Lamborghini.
  5. Gallardo all the way.
  6. Gallardo
  7. couldnt agree more
  8. Gallardo looks sharp.
  9. Gallardo, it looks great, the same way as the Countach
  10. gallardo owns
  11. Gallardo doesn't look that good. It's not as astounding and attention-grabbing as the other Lambos. Sometimes a few would pass when I was going to school, but if I didn't know cars I wouldn't even notice it really, whereas something like a Murcie is definetly catching.

    The Ferraris always have something (the newer ones) that grab your attention.
  12. Gallardo, not that the F430 is ugly (not at all), but I am dissapointed in its styling. Especially the front
  13. F430 is mojo on wheels.
  14. Gallardo all the way.
  15. i'd take a murc styling maybe rather than the gallardo, but the f430 is just too sexy looking for me, i'd pick it anyday.
  16. gallardo stylistically i like better. To me, the F430 is a hodgepodge of styling bits and pieces, and i think it just looks weird... i think it was just a 360 with a facelift, and it looks awkward... all those sharp edges on what is basically a round shape, just looks awkward. The Gallardo, i like.

    now, as far as the cars go i like the F430 better... but stylistically i think the gallardo has it's number.
  17. The italian one.
  18. never liked the wa
  19. never liked the way the gallardo looks but it definately looks better than the F430
  20. F430. I have only seen one Gallardo in person, and I was really disappointed. The Murcielago I saw had so much presence, I fell in love with it. The Gallardo sounded flat, and looked nice, but it didn't grab me.

    Nice comparison link, too<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    BTW, here's a new Gallardo desktop for you.
  21. I would've liked the Gallardo better if they would've stuck to the awesome scissor doors Lamborghini is so famous for like the Murcielago.

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