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  1. Has anyone noticed that 700cc's and 70hp adds up to 100hp/L? That's frickin' amazing. Especialy for 1960.<!-- Signature -->
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    You're right!
    Combined with the low weight of the car, it would have been a great racer.
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    The stats and specs pretty much remind me of the engines BMW uses for their motorcycles (which are pretty reliable).
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    Compared with some of todays engines, 70hp from 700cc's is low. My 1999 ninja zx9r gets 140 hp(dynoed) from 900cc's and I consider it low tech and underpowered compared with the newer bikes. The new ZX10r gets 184 hp from 1000cc's. But for a car where the size of the engine is not much of a factor I see no reason to have a small engine.
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    Of course it'll be low tech compared to modern engines. Technology has made significant advances since the time this vehicle was made.

    Also, don't forget, that this is a Twin (2) Cylinder engine. It doesn't make as much power as a 4 cylinder with the same size. In this case, 697 cc. But when you compare it to engines of similar size and cylinders, it is actually somewhat close.

    The BMW F 650 CS has a 652cc single cylinder with 50 bhp.
    The Ducati Monster 620 has a 618cc L-Twin(2 cylinders arranged at 90 degrees) with 60 bhp.

    cc's don't matter pretty much. It's the amount of cylinders or revs that makes it as powerful as it is. The Triumph Daytona 600 has a 599cc 4-cylinder and gets(i think) about 114 bhp.

    Oh and about that Yamaha you got. I, personally, am not a favorite of the Jap bikes. They don't impress me at all with their engine technology. 999cc 4 cylinder with 184 bhp? That is impressive for such a small engine, but look at the Italian brands such as Ducati, MV Agusta and Aprilira.

    Ducati 999R has a 998cc L-Twin with 150 bhp. Whats interesting is that if you gave this bike 2 more cylinders but made it perform the same way as the Twin, the 999R could possibly crank out 300bhp. The new Desmosedici(sp?) can crank out over 200 bhp, on a 999cc L-Quad.

    Aprilia RSV Mille R Nera(see avatar) has a 998cc V-twin and pumps out 147 bhp. Aprilia is developing a new inline-triple for its next racing/superbike.

    MV Agusta F4 SPR has a 749cc inline-4 but with 147bhp, and a top speed of over 180 mph. Mv Agusta is also developing a new engine that is 1000cc and by the way it looks, it will out perform anything from Japan.

    But back on topic, this engine in someways hasn't changed much when it comes to text. I guess efficency and reliability have been some of the most significant improvements.
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    This engine is great no matter what. Back during the 1960s, there were almost np engines whether it be a car or motorcycle engine that could produce 100 horsepower per liter. To be able to do that back then with that type of technology is amazing.
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    This engine is great no matter what. Back during the 1960s, there were almost np engines whether it be a car or motorcycle engine that could produce 100 horsepower per liter. To be able to do that back then with that type of technology is amazing.
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    Tercel 2 MR2, I hope it was an accident that you called a Ninja ZX9R a Yamaha. Yamaha makes the R1, Suzuki makes the GSXR, Honda makes the CBR1000RR. Now about comparing a Ducati to the Japanese bikes. It's like the difference in apples and oranges, one is ment to be a good bang for the buck the same way all Japanese cars are supposed to be and the other is like everything else from Italy in that it is a high performing machine but it also needs a lot more upkeep. Also, by the time you pay for all the valve adjustments that the Ducati will need your talking about a huge price gap puting them both in totally different brackets.
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    Yea it was a mistake to call a Ninja a Yamaha, like I said, I'm not into Jap bikes. I know of them, and I might be able to recognize them, but they don't interest me as something to buy.

    As for comparing the two, the price difference, although in terms of motorcycles is very big, they still compete in identical races and are almost equally compared when it comes to performance.

    From what I have read in owners reviews, Ducati's are just as reliable as any of its competitors. It is just a matter of cost that is the determining factor when repairs are brought into the subject.
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    why do we have to choose between style(euro)and realiability(asian). Daimler-Toyota anyone?
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    I Have a Question Y would BMW put a Motorcycle engine in a car? Even a powerful motorcycle engine.
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    Because it is a fairly light car that works better with a light high-reving engine... it also uses pre exsisting technology making it cheaper to produce.
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    The Martini Tuning Company made a special Nürburgring version of the 700 (the 700S) with basically the same engine, creating 85 bhp and a top speed of 115 mph. It's surely impressive.
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    Thank you
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    I this has absoultely nothing to with cars killiman2 But i'd like to know where u got you're avatar
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    Yup this is a great engine. I suggest you look @ a hew mercs in the same age group and before. If my memory serves me correctly, i believe Mercedes had produced a 5 litre wankel engine with 500 bhp in 1937. Please correct me if im wrong, and if i find the information i read from a magasine ill put it up here as proof.
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    Now THAT is a super engine! Despite it's age, I think it would be something very, very potent in some of todays cars. Heck, it was almost God-like back then!
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    If memory serves, that was the C111, which I think was 1987, not 1937 (although, if I'm wrong, I'd love to hear about how they managed that feat that early)

    Also, can anyone tell me why BMW went for the flat twin instead of a V? The only thing I can think of is lower center of gravity

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    great engine, 70hp from a 700cc, 100hp/L, better than a lot of cars today!

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