Supercars you don't like.

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  1. Why are you so surprised by my post? you should know by now that I can only admire perfection.
  2. MC12 looks better than the Enzo.
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    This sounds way more godly and apocalyptic than Koenigsegg V8:

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    The Enzo has so much presence in person. Especially in black. I was out at a little event in Scottsdale, near a bunch of art galleries, so there were quite a few random people milling around. People would walk up to the car, have their picture taken with it, then ask me what it was. THAT's presence.

    This car, this event:
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    a lot of front overhang
  14. Countless numbers of supercars I don't like. So instead I'll list some common traits that I see in supercars I don't like and some examples for each of them:

    -- Ugly: This is the #1 carnal sin among any high-priced car (not just supercars). Gumpert Apollo, Bugatti EB110
    -- Street-legal racecar/racecar-wannabe: Supercars are supposed to be compliant for actual real-world applications not super-smooth race tracks on a sunny 75-degree day. If I wanted a racecar for the track, I'd buy one instead. CLK GTR, Aerial Atom
    -- Disillusioned heritage: The 1930s are long-gone and the your nameplate has been bought and sold several times since. Or perhaps you think that your car has something in common with actual racecars being put together at another facility all the way on the other side of the compound...or the world? Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Enzo Ferrari

    ...One more as an umbrella token is "lack of individuality." So many so-called supercars these days, what is there to set them apart from each other? If a car is derivative or has nothing noteworthy about it, is it even worth remembering?
  15. Eb110 was beautiful. STFU. The apollo is awesome too.

    Supercars are made to make babies cry and kill polar bears, not cruise around on a nice day. CLKGTR and Atom are awesome.

    The veyron is the biggest technological tour-de-force since the 959. Totally lives up to the nameplate. The enzo was a great car in the line of ferrari supercars.

    youre so wrong about everything.
  16. All Koenigesggs made after the CCR -- No need to explain why.

    F430 -- The least pretty Ferrari since the Mondial in my opinion. Even its contemporaries, Enzo, 612 Scaglietti, 599, and the new California, are better looking than it.

    Spyker C8 -- Looks short and stubby. Aileron and Double 12 S look much better with their longer and sleeker bodies. Also spoiled kids have ruined it for me. The C8 has become the ultimate show off car among rich spoiled brats in my homeland.
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    Sensational looking car!

    The Enzos design was ahead if it's time. Now, 8 years later it still looks amazing.
    Beautiful? Probably not. But stunning, brutal, high tech-ish and aggressive. Supercar in it's purest form.
    The same goes for the Murcielago. It's just perfect supercar design.

    Look at other cars from back then:

    CGT: Nice but friendly. An oversized Boxster...
    K'egg CC8: Looks like it was designed in 1998 (because basically it was)
    Zonda C12 S: I love the Zonda, but anything older than the F looks really dated.
    SLR: No coments needed...

    Is there a point in discussing design anyway? Somebody felt an Audi A2 and a Sssssang Young Rodius were so good looking the decided to put them into production....
  18. If you prefer the more conventional "Group C - design" and softer lines.
    I like the edges of the Enzo more. It's less predictable.
  19. lol...I'm not even going to bother defending myself against this one.

    Nothing you've said is an actual fact. They're just your personal opinions that are opposite my views of supercars I don't like.

    Grow up and get over it.
  20. also the donkervoort d8 gt because of the hideous rear end
  21. not a supercar.
  23. the supercar i hate the most is Fernando Alonso.
  24. Veyron, hate how it looks

    And a question to stop the arguements of what is or is not a super. what makes a car a supercar? not an opinon of what you think but an actual factual sort of definition like a certain requirement of the specs or something?
  25. S

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