Sure is nice!

Discussion in '1999 Plymouth Howler Concept' started by CadillacMan03, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. That is such as sexy car, isn't it Chrysler Howler now!!!
  2. Re: Sure is nice!

    Yeah, it would be Chrysler Howler now. This is way better than the Prowler.<!-- Signature -->
  3. Sure is nice!

    I like prowler, but this is far better, I agree!!!
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    They need more power out of a 4.7L V8. If this thing had 350 hp, at least that amount in torque, Had the old backs, which looked a lot better, had a cool retro/futuristic interior, and was priced around the price of the base Vette it would kick ass. They could then come out with a special edition with a flame paint job and atleast 400 hp. It would be best if they made this V8 a hemi. <!-- Signature -->

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