Switzer 997T vs Ford GT-1000

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    1100hp Ford GT racing a 750hp 997T

    Surprising results

  2. Whatever makes you feel better about the CCWhatever that lost against this car or the Nissan.
  3. It does feel good knowing that a brand new CCX pwned a car that a 1100hp Ford GT and GTR couldn't. Makes me realize that a CCXR Trevita/Edition would be overkill and unnecessary at this event.
  4. Way to ruin the results of the video before I watched it asshole.
  5. Hey how do you know that CCX wasn't broken in?
  6. He normally breaks them in himself
  7. Actually that Ford was faster than SPI750. In this race he didnt switch the needed gear, that was the reason of that result.
    This Ford also is th record holder on dragtimes. 357km/h.

    This GT1000 was burned 6 month ago and driver died in an accident. RIP.

  8. even the LP640 ended up being ahead of the FGT-TT by the 1/4 mile. from a roll that Ford GT would have DESTROYED the Porsche,CCX and GTR.
  10. ban4spoiler

    C'mon luke
  11. watch 0:10-0:14, notice anything?
  12. Seams like every american car in that video was asleep at the line. just sayin.
  13. Yeah not to mention a 9km/h higher trap speed.

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