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    I've always liked the XJS. They really do drive beautifully, particularly the Sport versions, and the Lister Le Mans was incredibly fast too. I was born in 1984, so I've grown up with the XJS and it's styling never struck me as anything other than stunning. I think the looks are best described as 'striking'. We have all at one time fallen for a girl who doesn't fit the Hollywood image of good looking; but you like her anyway, even if your mates say her nose is a bit too big or that she wears odd shoes.

    I must admit however, that the bodykit does nothing for me. I heard one Jaguar specialist say that many XJRS customers ask for the kit to be removed, but then owners of standard XJS models come along asking for the kits to be fitted to their car!

    Enclosed below is a XJRS 6.0 V12 brochure scan from www.jag-lovers.org. Look closely and you will see it has 318bhp, 362lb/ft torque and does 0-60mph in 6.5secs. These figures were later uprated to 333bhp and 365lb/ft torque. If it's possible to legally decatalysed the exhaust system, these numbers would increase again.

    In answer to those who think an engine of this type should produce more power, RM Engineering offered a reliable and road-worthy 470bhp upgrade.

    XJS section (look out for the Lister, Lynx and RM Engineering sections); www.jag-lovers.org/brochures/section_xj-s.html

    Jaguar Sport section; www.jag-lovers.org/brochures/section_jagsport.html
  2. Hey, do you know what the specs were for RM Engineering's 470bhp upgrade? Cuz I'm pretty curious.

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