Talon TSi AWD-vs-Toyota Celica GT-s

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  1. I say the GT-s would win a race but I'm guessing. Both have a 0-60 in 6.6 secs, both a v4 but this car has 30 more hp. What do you think?<!-- Signature -->
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    Ok ur ignorant for one thing only Harleys have V4's and a TSi runs the quarter in 14.9 while the Gt-s runs it in the mid to low 15's
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    Yeah, cars don't have "v4"s or whatever, they have inline or flat fours. Anyways, a talon would absolutely kill a celica gts(i'm hoping you mean the new one's and not the old alltrac's). Talon has way more torque than a celica(zz series) and AWD. Now the old Alltracs, that would be a good race. Personally i would vote for the alltrac. (Ironic since i've owned a NA talon!!)
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    The 4g63 (the motor in this) is an inline 4, just like the Celica, but it isone of the best inline 4s built. I would take this car over any Celica, though it might get close.<!-- Signature -->
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    its called a turbo, turn the boost up a pound or two and do the free mods and the celica gts will know exactly what kind of car you have because he'll be staring at the badging on the back of the car. The Celica looks fast, and it is a pretty quick little car but with awd and a turbo there is no comparison. this also has 30 more hp stock...
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    you are all now gayer for looking at this car
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    you have no idea, do you. And you will soon learn that calling people gay only gets you a label of being an ignorant sob. And you will get ripped on by many.
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    i say american cars win there budd
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    this thread has nothing to do with American cars. It was comparing a toyota to a DSM (which was manufactured in the states but so was the toyota). I think that you got the short straw when they were handing out inteligence.
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    First of all, lets get one thing straight. This is the third post I've read by TheNewTek in which he simply says nothing. He is some ignorant newbie who simply wants to get his post # up so people will start respecting him. Let me tell you somthing buddy. it really doesnt matter how many posts you have made. It matters how well you write and how much you know about cars. you just lost all credability, clout and respect in my book. Grow up. Anyway, back to business:
    I love the celica alltrack, but the new model is an ugly midget of a car. I think it's under powered, or at least doesnt have a powerful enough option (somewhat like the new MR2, which doesnt do justice to the older models, which were hella sick). I did read about this dude who jacked the cellica up to 650hp, which is fun to think about, but totally impractical. The Eagle would beat the Toyota hands down. I know this is the case w/ many cars, but I think Toyota should rock a Turbo model Celica someday soon. That might raise my opinion of it, but right now, Eagle all the way.

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