tdunk, doritos locos taco, wish me luck

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Phanofmuzik, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. that is all
  2. meh, werent worth the hype
  3. good luck

  4. Had a poutine after the pub last night
  5. Had a real taco at the pub last night
  6. pub
    real taco
    does not compute
  7. dorito taco is surprisingly good. i had on last night too
  8. Loaded with flavour dust. Approved
  9. Yes
    Because of flavor dust
  10. I've eaten at Taco Bell once in my life. I was 7ish. I'm gonna try once of these if they come to Canada, though.
  11. not sure what is going on here, at all
  12. Taco bell has a taco who's shell is a giant dorito.
  13. you can make organic tacos for so much cheaper and better tasting at home
    alphonses shoes ! tell them
  14. i can make a wrap out of recycled brown paper towels. its practically the same thing.
  15. I had a taco bell the first time in my life last week, as one of their 2 uk stores is there. I had a volcano thingy
  16. Dont tell us if it was any good though
  17. probably true, but i've never tried!
  18. ugh you #$%#ing creep
    you just take goddam beans and all sorts of delicious fresh ingrendients like lettuce, dice some goddam tomatos, and onions then get a little ground boeuf (if you're a disguting meat eater) brown the bouef with a lil package of `taco sang seasoning` then throw some shells in the oven for 10 goddam minutes then when the bouef is done browning yo uput the beefsang into the taco and put shredded cheese on it and FRESH veggies goddam sour cream and yo ucan have 10 goddam tacos for like $10 and better than taco bell you sonsf of #%[email protected]
  19. I feel like this post kind of epitomizes the entire site.
  20. LOL Americans.
  21. CR ordered one on our trip. It's pretty good.
  22. rofl

    this nigga puts lettuce on mexican food

    how un-mexican that is. get ya coleslaw swag on baby
  23. enjoyed this post
  24. I put lettuce on ig because it tastes good and i want to get my damn vegetay bulls
    I dont care about authentic i care about delicious i know you think and know these recipe that i have posted is "mountain dew style shells and soss in a box tacos"

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