Tell me about the VW Passat 3.2 V6 FSI

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by SupraMan, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. A possible new car for my dad.

    I wanna know in particular about this DSG gearbox. Now, all i gather is it is a clutchless manual or something. Do the gears still need to be changed manually? Cause my dad is old/talks on his mobile/eats/hates manuals he doesnt want that.

    No im not googling/wikipedia-ing it. I want personal opinions and simple explaination.

  2. Its not clutchless. It has 2.

    Wonderful transmission. I had the opportunity to try it on my friend's Golf. Its truely seamless. You can set it so that you manually change gears using the paddles, or you can set it on regular auto transmission mode.

    It really is the greatest thing to come from VW/Audi in a long time. Its truely brilliant.

  3. It has two clutches, one for gears R,1,3,5, one for gears 2,4,6; there is no clutch pedal, however. Gears can be computer actuated (on auto mode) or by using the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel/gear-shift itself on some cars (manual mode).
  4. Well that is pretty good. Thanks guys.
  5. do not let your dad get this car. It is a piece of shit. My dad is currently hiring a vw passat here in Germany and the new model is an absolute piece of junk. The fit and finish is awful, the car weighs too much, handles like arse, has the most uncomfortable seats i have had the displeasure of sitting in, the list goes on and on. Its just horrible. The old model was a better car hands down, especially in fit and finish. The DSG gearbox is great, the 3.2 litre engine is good as well, but its like a cherry on top of a pile of shit, with whipped cream. Spend a little more and get an A4 with the same spec. Its worth it for the depreciation alone.
  6. you better put that engine into the Audi A6 instaed of the VW Passat
  7. Basically, while a gear is engaged, the other clutch has the next gear up engaged, so upshifts are completely seamless. Downshifts may take a little while, though.
  8. Hmm, the thing is he doesnt really wanna spend more than 60g. And the only things available in the same price range are the Volvo, which has the worst depreciation of any car, BMW, which for the same price is gutless, Audi, which is just more expensive version of the VW but with less on it/smaller engine. And he doesn't want a big aussie car or a 300C or anything. I think after driving a Volvo S40 T4 he will think of the VW as a godsend.
  9. If he's driving a new S40, then it's a T5, and I think he'll genuinely love it. You won't find more comfortable seats anywhere else, the turbo engine is fantastic, the thing looks great and the interior oozes class.
  10. Wasn't he interested in a 159? What happened?
  11. *a4
  12. * Lupo
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  16. I've just known that the 3.2 mounted in the VW and in the Audis based on Golf wheelbase is different from the 3.2 in the A4, A6 and A8. Is it right?
  17. *takes notes in lesson on DSG*
  18. The A4 is made with the same f*cking parts, why would it actually be a better car? Perhaps it might seem to be a better car, but as far as VAG goes, it's all the same shit, and you're just going to pay more for the Audi in maitenance in the end.
  19. he could get an R32 for that much with no options
  20. I feel sorry for Europe - you guys get the 250bhp 3.2 FSi V6

    we get a 280bhp 3.6L VR6


    as per the car, i've driven a US market Passat 3.6 with package 2 sport, and it's a very nice car.

    steering is sort of light (like my Jetta). Transmission is reasonably intelligent and smooth. Sports suspension is a bit too hard for what the car is (a passat, not really a sport sedan.)

    They're well built, solid, comfortable cars.

    And don't worry about DSG. It FUCTIONS just like an automatic with a shiftable mode, although mechanically they are hardly similar at all.
  21. are you serious? did you even read my post? for a start the new passat interior is dog shit, cheap plastic, shitty seats ect ect ect. The old models interior shits all over it. Second, the Audi is set up with a far sportier prowess and consequently handles far better. It also looks far better, and i think youll find it probably weighs less. Just because a car is made of the same parts doesnt make it the same. My sister used to have a 97 or 99 VW polo, it was a solid little car, decent to drive. A girl i was boning in france had a seat ibiya from the same era. Mechanically on paper it was almost identical, but the seat was a complete piece of shit comparitivly. The CLS and E class are essentially the same car, but they dont handle the same way, and their interior packaging is completely differant. The VW jetta TFSI is identical to the golf GTI in mechanics, yet clarkson described the jetta as the worst, most boring car in the world, yet loved the GTI. A car is more than the sum of its parts.
  22. err, i'd also like to mention that the current A4 and the current Passat aren't really mechanically similar any more.

    For one thing, the A4's engines are longitudinally mounted. the Passat's are transversely mounted.

    And the Passat is a stretched MKV Golf platform.
  23. i've driven both and the audi is soooooooo much better. and about the maitenance costs. it isn't so bad. my dad has the a4 for over a year now and there are no problems yet.(only a small incident with the key)
  24. The B5/5.5 Passats were longitudinal as well, at least for the 1.8T; didn't realize that about the B6 Passat, though.
  25. There's no sport suspension option for the new Passat? I'm sure that would make the handling much better - my Wolfsburg Jetta with the stock sport suspension handles like a dream, basically a Jetta GTi, despite whatever the f*ck Clarkson says. I haven't read any reviews on the new Passat yet, so I'm not just going to take your word for it.

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