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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from GT40 2</i>
    <b>Hey four star boy a nissan altima has four doors and is a heavy car.
    a mustang would win.

    Nissan sucks anyway.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->the mustangs fake plastic airscoops produce so much drag that a Geo Metro can beat it<!-- Signature -->
  2. Re: geo

    Are you the Idiot that said that a metro can beat a mustang.
    any car on this planet can beat a metro.<!-- Signature -->
  3. Re not avalible

    The GT40 comes out in 2003.
    yes it is a le mans car.
    the other GT40 was.<!-- Signature -->
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    Hehehe..dun diss the metro. I've seen some souped up ones that my friends have put together that pull 0-60s in 4 secs.
    It's pretty much running in the F3 rally class..with almost F1 performance. Reminds you of the MaxPower Saxos.
    Metro handles as well as the Mini. Stiffen up the shocks..slap some 16" wheels on it. Work the engine up...all you need max is like 200hp, and the power to weight radio is incredible.
    This little car has a nice stance, perfect width and length for good drifting.
    The major disadvantage to working with the Geo platform is the structural rigidity. It's not that great..and the torque produced from pulling laterals and other maneuvers can potentially damage it. A simple solution is reinforce with steel or Aluminum alloy (if you want to spring the cash)beams. A roll cage is also suggested.

    Ok..so what class is the GT40 running @?
    I thought Ford was ditching to GT40 do to financial set backs?
    Can anyone confirm what GT40 has said?

    DA PUN<!-- Signature -->
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    SRB The Punisher ,

    You're wasting your time , he doesn't know anything about LM...
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    LOl.oh wells man.
    It's all part of the fun.
    But the Saleen Mustang and the S7 were some of the cooler looking cars in the GT categories =)

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    no there making the GT40.

    were did you learn that they are not going to make the GT40.<!-- Signature -->
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    It was printed in the automotive section of the newspaper here in Toronto Canada. They decided not to build due to the large cost...very few numbers to be sold. Not to mention they needed to focus finances on other projects like small car development, and Jaguar, Aston.

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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from SRB The Punisher</i>
    <b>LOl.oh wells man.
    It's all part of the fun.
    But the Saleen Mustang and the S7 were some of the cooler looking cars in the GT categories =)

    DA PUN</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Yes for the S7 , no for the "other".
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    Maby there not going to ship it to canada because canada has a 500hp powerban.<!-- Signature -->
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    Hmmmm..we'll see at the next LeMans then eh?
    If for doesn't sell enough GT40s by the time of the LeMans..they will be forced to race in the prototype classes agains the Porsche GT1s and Panoz GT1...etc.

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    They'll have to lower the displacement.
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    Hmmmm..yes..but we put that ban to reduce emissions.
    Anything that creates more than 450hp makes bad ass fumes =P

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    A mustang v a LM car dont make me laugh you can go back to your 70 and up mustangs but a lm car would always smoke a mustang and you ask your self why power/weight thats prob why they put a I4 in this car
    Dont even compar a mustang to this
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    SRB I went and raced a altima.

    results: my mustang won hardly
    the altima almost won.

    Thats what my mustang looks like.<!-- Signature -->
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    Ummmm..you said stock GT Mustang..not a Cobra!!
    The Altima only has 240Hp max.
    Did you do any twisties racing?

    A slight modification can get the Altima running almost the same power you have..and scary part is you only beat the Altima slightly.
    Come on..admit it man..Altima is kick ass =)
    Remember..Altima = V6 FWD family sedan..Mustang = V8 RWD muscle car.

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    I have two mustangs the 350hp cobra and the GT.<!-- Signature -->
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    Try running the GT =)
    3.8L V6..vs 3.5L V6
    Sports car vs Sedan

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    I dont have a V6 mustang.<!-- Signature -->
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    Ummm..the GT comes standard with the 3.8L V6 dude!!
    Then how do you have to Mustangs?
    Must be even more embarassing to see a 240HP sedan keep up with a Cobra then right?

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    My GT has a 4.6L!<!-- Signature -->
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    and still the Altima managed to keep up with the Cobra which is better than a GT!! That is so jokes!! And the Altima is FWD =P

    Hmmmm...4.6L is not the stock base model..that's the V8 model.
    More power...but then you ran the Cobra vs the Altima..not the GT =P
    Oh..try racing one through some twisties =P

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    YOU braindead moron I didnot race the altima with the cobra I raced it with the 4.6L GT

    Heres the cars I have...
    Mustang GT with 260hp, raced altima with it.
    Mustang Cobra with 350hp.<!-- Signature -->
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    That makes more sense..cuz all I ever hear bout is you and your Cobra.
    Hm..still the Mustang has a higher power rating..and is considered a sports car.
    but the 4.8LV8 producing only 260HP is appalling...so low =(

    You have to admit the 3.5SE is a badass sedan eh?
    now why don't you go play with some true sports cars =P
    WRXs, STis and EvoVIIs =P
    Go to Japan..run with the R34, Supras, MR2s, RX7s..etc =P

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    The 2004 mustangs 4.6L is going to have 280hp, if the GT went over 300hp it would make the mach 1 worthless.<!-- Signature -->

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