TH350 Transmission Problem

Discussion in 'Technical' started by im devestatingly handsom, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. The tranny has always run perfectly, but a few nights ago when i went to put it in park I noticed that it wouldn't go past reverse. After messing with it, it turned out park was reverse, neutral was reverse, drive was neutral, etc... So now I don't have L1 and L2, and i cannot turn the ignition back all the way, and starting the car involves wiggling it between the new park and reverse with the starter held. The car runs great besides this. I took apart the center council and checked the linkage and it was all perfect, but it appears that the linkage down on the tranny is causing the problem.

    I hope to use a ramp and go under there and see for myself but i was curious if it could be something else. And also where exactly does the linkage connect that it could slip from normal position. Everything is the same, just moved down about half an inch.
  2. Disconnect the linkage at trans, put trans into park, put shifter into park, reassemble.

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