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  1. It's a tuned car, but this time brabus meda a great job, besides few supercars can reach or pass this topspeed. This is a bullit. I prefer a manual transmission, but knowing the way these vehicles work with the automatic, that's ok.
  2. this thing is so beast...hopfully some vids of it in action make it to youtube or something.....crazy!
    good job Brabus
  3. The front end Reminds me of a 2007 Holden Statesman/Caprice or Grange.
  4. This is over the top, even by Brabus standards. A C-class with this engine?! The M3 and RS4 can assume crying in a fetal position now.
  5. i'll admit it is fast and it's REALLY hard to impress me. it just looks too.....sedan-like. it makes it look less than a Sports Car.
    Anyways check out the 2008 Lamborghini Reventon! it goes zero to sixty in 3.432 sec. like the Enzo Ferrari!
  6. Yes. Bullit is nice car and fast indeed.
  7. Yeah, to bad though the 2008 Lamborghini Reventon will cost over 1 million dollars just for 10 extra horsepower, though. Love'em both in terms of pure speed and performance, though.
  8. This is a C-class on........STEROIDS!!!! An ubersedan at its finest, keep up the fantastic job, Brabus.
  9. It may be fast, but Brabus have a reputation for cars that make too much power and drivers end up disappointed when their car is breaking the rear loose at 120mph. No one wants a car that loses control at speed.
  10. well, the RS4, M3, and C63 are all in the same class. This, however, isn't. Plus, it's way out of the price range.

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