The 2-stroke gas engine and Cars

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  1. Has there been any concept cars or one-offs with 2-stroke gas engines? My palms get sweaty thinking about a small displacement 2 stroke V8 powering something like the KTM X-bow.
  2. I love my landscaping job because everything is 2-stroke. I want an old superbike/dirtbike for the 2-stroke.

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    No need to get an old superbike, these guys will turn a late model into a 2-stroke screamer, (insert Sean Connery impersonation here) kind of like your mother Trebek.
  4. SAAB had some a long time ago. Clean Two strokes were going to be the next big thing in the early 90s (or something like that). Car companies were pouring large amounts of money into making clean two strokes for cars and the Lotus Elise was briefly going to have some two stroke inline 6.
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  6. yah man and 8L turbodiesel rotaries/
  7. ya man and 100 cylinder radials
  8. inverted v12 was a good design, y dont they use it in cars now?
  9. There were some badass sled motors you could use, probably use two for good measure.
  10. The Dodge Neon was supposed to be a high tech two stroke. Emissions and lack of computing power killed the idea.
  11. Upcoming M7
  12. If the technical forum had a nutritional value chart on the back of the label, it would read like this "98% Troll, 2% Tech."
  13. no ways dude, this place is #$%#ing pure genius. The only place where there is more intelligence in the same forum would be The Big Bang Theory series thread about factual discrepencies in the show
  14. Yeah I thought they did make it. guess not.

    is possible I guess, just have a built in supercharger forcing air into the cylinders like a scavenging cycle in a 2 stroke diesel. then have the injectors spray fuel on each stroke. or have the fuel mixed beforehand and the scavenging would just draw that in. could actually be pretty easy to make.
  15. With direct injection and a turbo, I think its possible now.
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    2-Stroke V8 in a Sand Car, <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  17. X24 was even better.

    Edit : But seriously the reason to why they don't use them in cars is because it would be to complicated to get the power from the crankshaft to the gearbox and the to the wheels plus it isn't a good idea to have the sensative parts of the engine that close to the road.
  18. Other cars that had two-stroke engines was Traband and Wartburg.
  19. I thought the main reason is that:
    a) Most people don't want to have to do that much maintanence on their cars
    b) You have to mix lubricant into the fuel

    I'm probably wrong, but my only experience with two strokes is my lawnmower and whipper-snipper

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