The 2003 Lightning is faster.

Discussion in '1966 Dodge D/Dart Super Stock' started by LOTUS POWER, May 12, 2004.

  1. And better. Who cares if this has a V-10? The F-150 goes to 60 in 4.5 saconds but they both have 500 hp. All the #%$s saying Ford has lost should go straight to hell because FORD WON and they won't accept it. This truck would ge a lot more inexpensive to own because a V-8 gets better mileage than a V-10. (not that we care-I just want to get the point across)
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    I meant the concept, not the production model. Changes to the Lightning won't happen until 2006.
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    I would have to Disagree This truck is slightly faster in top speed. It depends on what style of racing your trying to point out. Do you mean Acceleration (Lightning wins), Handling (once again Lightning) But straight flat out power the SRT would kick in witht eh V-10 of the 8 around 10 seconds into the race eventually catching the Lightning. (Compare to the CC 8s and the Enzo Koenig has better acceleration while the Enzo has a better top speed).
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    he said the concept, the srt is only slightly faster than the lightning with the Ram driver being like almost pro (I've beaten a SRT at a stoplight and lost to one at the strip). After talking to the owner of the Ram at the strip, I found out he is on the NHRA circuit and that is his daily driver. The other guy I beat must not know how to drive a stick very good.
  6. In the great wide world of acceleration it is always good to remember that 0-60 doesn't count for jack shit. Blows the Lightning's nuts off.

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