The 2015 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe

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  1. the s class has been shit since w220 s class and you know very well that since 1998, Mercedes has been going downhill
  2. What kind of car do you drive, Hemi?
  3. Why are they calling it an S-Class Coupe rather than just a CL?
  4. they have decided that the S-class name is a solid brand and that they should leverage that rather than just rely on the fact that it's a big, expensive Mercedes.

    IIRC they're planning a 4 door cabriolet, a proper Pullman version etc

    it's partly for similar reasons that they've totally destroyed the number system link to engine capacity. Nice round (big) number = good for a lot of people. On top of that their modular engine plan means they probably don't have that many different blocks anymore, but produce lots of the same with different states of tune.
  5. if you'd paid attention at all to the cars mercedes have released in the last 5 years or so, you'll know that they are no longer poorly built wastes of money.

    stop living in the past, mannnnn
  6. You can't prove it, unless you have serious proofs that the laat generation of s class will outperform and last more than a w126 or a w140, something I highly doubt.
    Maybe we should ask True Sports Car Mechanic to tell who is wrong.
  7. the 2014 is a huge step up in almost all areas ... its got some insane features
  8. dude, you gotta understand that "reliability" isn't the direction that the industry wants to improve upon.

    You used to have a big engine, 200hp and barely any attention to crash safety, fuel economy, emissions, etc.

    Today, you have a big engine, millions of hp, worthy crumple zones, better fuel economy and like a million other gadgets like blind spot monitors, etc.

    There is ZERO argument that new S-Classes are "better" than old ones, just depends on what your definition is.

    Maybe you want to buy a brand new car and keep it for 30 years. That's no longer what the market wants.

    If I have the funds to buy a brand new SClass, chances are, I'll replace it in 3-5 years or whatever.
  9. Seriously

    Don't get it twisted. I'd LOVE to cruise around in a W116 or a W108, but there is no way in hell I'd ever claim it was a better car than a new S. In every measurable way the new car will be better than the old car, and for all the reasons you've just listed.

    I don't even know why I'm bothering to argue with hemi. he's deluded.
  10. I raised a fantastic point there tho <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>

    With the trend shift in society and tax set up, you dont buy a vehicle anymore as much as you buy into a class system.

    If you are an A4, youll buy a brand new one and replace it with another in the same model or class in 3-5 years until you move up classes. At least that's the intention.
  11. I forgot the name of the mental disorder but hemis brain went on pause somewhere in 2002 so you'll never chanve his mind. Hes stuck on chevell 396ss and audi a8s for the rest of his life
  12. Though there were several matches with that (I forgot the name of it as well, but I remember the wiki someone posted), the cause is at least as important, as with PTSD a similar thing can be accomplished, which explains the hypervigilance as well.
  13. An unfortunate incident with a trashcan
  14. Not really, old tech that work is good tech. I am not stuck on the ss 396 nor the first generation a8, sorry to burst your bubble. But things that are too new, not proven as reliable over a decade and with too many electronics or too many assistances, don't necessarily age well and can't be said as of good quality nor ven reliable. You can bs with all the childish arguments and the useless crap you want but mercedes of today isn't mercedes of yesterday and this from any standpoint whether quality wise or reliability wise.
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    The w140 600sel already offered between 395hp and 408hp even the 500sel from that era offered a reasonable 330hp. Just look at how many innovations the w140 introduced and don't tell me that is obsolete. If your goal is to waste money perpetually and be a good sheep which obeys to marketing and which changes his car every 5 years then you have won. Who wants a disposable car or a not so long lasting car?
  16. I am far to be deluded, but fact is that you will always follow what the marketing or advertisement tells you because it is fashionable and even it is of shitty quality. Once a sheep always a sheep.
  17. We had a W220 and still have a W221. The reliability on the 221 is way better than the 220. The W220 was bought in '99 and sold in 2005 while the W221 was bought in 2005 (2006 model) and we still have that. If I were to compare the reliability on both cars, I would easily say the newer one is far better than the older one. Never had an issue with either car except probably my only complaint would be spare parts costing too much.

    Now in 2010, I went ahead and got a G55 which was perfect and I have driven it for 100k Km. Had some squeaky sounds in the car after a while but I figured its from the rear safety net in the boot. Now in this car, there is no high end luxury doors where a vacuum sucks the doors shut while you gently try to close the door ie LS460, 750, or S500. this car you have to slam those doors shut and what happens sometimes is the windows drop down. Mercedes had a little recall on whatever that was holding those windows but even after the new part replacement, it happened to me again and after it was fixed for the second time, I haven't had any problems.

    The car is now sold and a 2013 G63 to replace it. Only reason I sold that one was cause I wanted to check out the newer one. Interior is totally different. Engine, drive, almost everything is made better and 43k km later, no windows dropping, no clunky sounds in the back. Just regular maintenance on schedule and everything is perfect so far. So with my experience with four cars (all are bought new and not used) I would have to seriously disagree with your statement. Every time MB releases a newer model, it's always way better than its predecessor. Not talking about looks, that would all come down to your preferences but in terms of reliability, your statement doesn't make any sense to me cause I am noticing either the same level of reliability or better but never worse as you claim.

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    "If your goal is to waste money perpetually and be a good sheep which obeys to marketing and which changes his car every 5 years then you have won. Who wants a disposable car or a not so long lasting car?"

    WTF I kinda agree with Hemi. Obviously most consumers want new cars every 5 years but I'd rather have something that lasts for 15+.
  19. what if the costs to maintain the car to 15 years were greater than having a new one every 5, but you didn't get any of the advancements in technology or safety ... because thats the decision you would have to make as a mercedes owner.
  20. That's why I likely won't be buying a Mercedes.

    edit: And I doubt you would save money by buying new every 5 years, even with a Merc.
  21. AMG make great stuff, no doubt...

    But of all the tuners of MB, I prefer Carlsson or Brabus.
  22. I liked Brabus when they built cars that didn't look special at all, but would set fire to the road.

    They seem to be doing these days is making things "ultra luxury" and putting LEDs everywhere.

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