The 959 rules!

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  1. Defineltly the best Porsche ever.<!-- Signature -->
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    One of the best. The 962CR is better, and the Carrera GT is better. So it's third best.
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    what i would give to have one of these....but im not willing to move, as i have heard the reason you wont find one of these in the US is that they are illegal here, and i dont know why...emmissions probably, or maybe the fact that there are just 2 of them.
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    959 was prohibited in U.S. because of the noise produced by it's Twin Turbo Flat-6. In Europe, the noise is measured in 1st gear, so Porsche changed the 1 in the shifting knob to G (geland, which -I believe- means cross country or something), allowing the car to pass on noise tests, having in mind that the 1st gear is actually 2nd. but the "cheat" didn't work in U.S.
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    the reason the 959 is illegal in the US but not here in Australia is that as it was such a limited model Porsche was not willing to depart with 3 or 4 cars to let the US transport Dept do safety tests on. So therefor they have said they are illegal even though they are probably one of the safest cars going round.
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    and btw the 959 was only 2.8 litres using twin turbos
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    This maybe a cool car but it would never have been allowed into Groupe B rallying. The upper limit for engine size was four Cylinder with a turbo. Without turbo it was 3.5 litre V6<!-- Signature -->
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    GOD of all cars! the 959!
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    God Damnit, where are the pictures to all these nice Porsches at????????? I WANT PICTURES, but all the Porsches RULE anyway.
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    im not sure what engine the 959 gruppe B was runnin, but it was definitely legal. the only reason it never raced was because at the end of the 1985 or 86 season Henri Toivonen wiped out his peugeot, and the FIA shut group B down. those drivers were the greatest that ever lived...
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    my grandfather had a porsche 959... he used to work with the service partment when he was alived.
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    I read somewhere on the net that 230 of the Porsche 959 was made all in all, anyone have any other numbers?
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    Why are so many of the porsche pictures missing?? It's annoying.
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    The 917 not to forget <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    I still have a magazine with it in the cover.
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    the 959 is truly an amazing car...i think they are legal now in the US too, as for the greatest porshce...its debatable...greatest does not necessarily mean the fastest and quickest you know..
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    OK, there aere only 200 made, and the Gruppe B, not the 959 was legal for Group B Rallying (hence the name).
    The 959 is ilegal in the US for noise reasons.
    Henri Toivonen's accident was in the Tour De Corse, 1986. He was driving a Lancia Delta S4.
    The 959 was a different car, it was made 4 years after the Gruppe B concept.
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    yes, I agree it is the best porsche ever, along with the 993 turbo
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    They used to rally these as well. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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    Here i found these pics of this mean machine.

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    959 is legendary... period 'nuff said

    The Killer
  23. I thought that they were illegal in the US
  24. The 959 is illegal* in the US for crash test reasons (and probably emissions, but not providing examples to be tested is the primary reason). Noise has nothing to do with it.

    *They are legal to own in the US (There are at least 10 street 959's in the US), but the miles that they are allowed to drive per year is restricted.

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