the american superball

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  1. the rules were always going to tightened but that's life, the league wouldn't be anywhere near as popular if players were still getting thumped behind play or fighting didn't have any meaningful repercussions.
  2. It wasn't the score that made the game boring, its was the way it was played. It just wasn't that exciting. It might help if you actually open your eyes wile your watching all that football...
  3. oh so watching Aaron Rogers, a real MAN, and the #6 seed NFC team, pick apart the best defense in the AFC (which have been getting hyped all year, AFC AFC AFC #1) isn't exciting to you? Steelers making crucial turnovers and the Packers converting those into points isn't exciting? the Packers defense playing just all around really well and shutting Roethlesberger down isn't exciting either i guess...

    also someone said players are pussies now and don't play through injury, well did you see Big Ben's ankle taped during the SuperBowl and seemingly forever now he's been playing witha busted ankle?
  4. Not to mention having his nose broken as #$%#, and some other shit I can't really remember.
  5. JSpencer just tell your favorite team and i'll shut up
  6. Prolly the bengals lol
  7. Steelers were good but my Saints beat the shit out of them earlier in the year. they werent unstoppable.
  8. No, I mean you really have people sitting out for shit like a stubbed toe. I dont mean fractured ribs, or dislocated spine. Plus, I'm sure you weren't making a six figure paycheck either.
  9. More impressive to me is players playing through heartache, emotional pain
  10. im a dolphins fan.
  11. That's it! Einhorn is Finkle! Finkle is Einhorn! Einhorn is a man!
  12. Oh they did
  13. There's a big difference, I agree.
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