The Ashes

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    Was shocked that Stuart Clark was omitted from the side, seems like a gigantic mistake. Although it must be said that Hilfenhaus did bowl ok (at least from what I saw). Hauritz is a piece of shite.

    I'm tipping England to win this game.
  2. yeah Clark is pretty much our best bowler.

    England are 7 down, if we get 3 quick wickets tomorrow we'll get them under 400. From what we've seen of the pitch so far its not gonna offer much to pace bowlers. I think we have enough of a batting line-up that we can beat that.

    I think it'll come down to the last day or two and how much monty can make use of the pitch.
  3. I don't see why the selectors can't just concede that we suck ass at spin bowling (although Krezja is ok) and just play to our strengths - fast pace and seam bowling.
  4. It seems so stupid that hauritz was put in after the tour match where he got spanked.
  5. Lol, the Chaser bit last night on the Ashes was pretty good.
    They try to deliver a new Ashes urn to Lords that was big enough to contain all the Ashes from every time Australia beat them.
  6. Sick kents! Apart from the opening session with the England tail wagging, what a great day. Aus 1-249. #$%#ing ace batting.
  7. (block the ball)
  8. take that pommies!
  9. ergyh cricket
  11. They're used to it...
  12. England will still win the ashes.
  13. Awesome bowling by Freddy and and awesome Innings by Strauss earlier on. I approve of this. Go England.
  14. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!

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    Aussies were outplayed from ball 1. S' can have your Lords win. We'll beat you the poms in the next three.
  15. Why is it called the Ashes? I'm not in a Google mood.
  16. crap.

    Outplayed, but still, a few dodgy decisions from the umpires didnt help. We got over 400 despite that, so without those decisions we would've had a pretty good chance at winning that one
  17. waAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaay back when, an australian newspaper or something similar wrote "an obituary to english cricket" after we lost to them one time, and talked about there being a cremation of the sport - hence there being ashes.

    the following year, england challenged the aussies to "bring the ashes home", which they did.

    it's just a long running joke/argument.

    something like this, anyway
  18. BALLIN'
  19. Fecking Rudi Coetzen.
  20. thought it was something to do with the ashes from the stumps from some particular test between aus and eng. that's why its in that little urn...and stays at lords...
  21. i found out recently that that isn't the case! I know, i was perplexed, too.

    the urn is reputed to contain a burned up cricket ball or stumps, or bails, or all of the above.
  22. I know. Because our #1 bowler is playing shit and the stupid selectors won't pick stuart clark.

    EDIT: our batting is pretty ace though.
  23. I doubt it.

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