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Discussion in '2002 Mercedes-Benz Vision GST Concept' started by nfstundra, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. The point is: all the other wagons haves an old style ( the are like a square ), this wagon is aerodynamic and whit a exelent desing!<!-- Signature -->
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    Those are just drawings!! i dont think that you have ever seen The S4 avant have you?! The Audi kick this carz arse. not that this is that bad of a car. but againt the audi? lets be realistic. <!-- Signature -->
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    looks like a revelutionary wagon
    probably the best wagon its sweet<!-- Signature -->
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    i'd take a protege' 5, or a toyota matrix over this any day. Better looking, and probabaly a lot less money too.<!-- Signature -->
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    Well, it would definitely make a good wagon. All other wagons are basically a saloon version of a given car, with a longer roofline. This, is a wagon designed from ground up.
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    Wow, this thing looks ugly. I wouldnt expect this from Mercedes but they did produce the G-Class, point here, who would want a mercedes wagon/van?
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    How'd you know this is the best station wagon in the whole world, if you've only seen the pictures? You've yet to drive this thing, feel the engine, suspension, transmission, interior bla bla bla. And I hope MB doesn't use those ultra-cheap plastics they use on the S-Class.
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    its only a concept, but a very nice looking one at that.<!-- Signature -->

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