The BIG GIANT Israel vs. Lebanon/Palestine thread

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by IdoL, Jul 15, 2006.

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    Are you kidding me? Show me where Israel has done anything effective against Hezbollah rather then getting hated on even more from the international community
  2. Exactly.
  3. who are you to speak about that!!! did you ever lived in an arab country???

    & ya we will hate them cuz they went to israel, a country which shouldnt be exist.
  4. Did you live in the middle east during the 1940s and 1950s?
  5. Middle east is more safe than living in USA or Europe.

    Rapes by country:
    1)USA (89,110)
    2)South Africa (53,008)
    3)Canada (24,049)
    52)KSA (87)
    65)Qatar (12)

    Drug offences by country:
    1)Norway (987.1/100,000)
    2)Switzerland (648.4/100,000)
    3)New Zealand (641.6/100,000)
    4)USA (560.1/100,000)

    Car thefts by country:
    1)USA (1,147,300)
    2)UK (338,796)
    3)Japan (309,638)
    4)France (301,539)
    31)KSA (5,573)
    44)Yemen (821)

    Total crimes by country:
    5)South Africa
  6. my grandfather & my family lived.

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    The problem is the extremists often kill people just because they arn't muslim. You talk about rapes but in some middle eastern countries rape victims are killed by their families if they find out, people arn't going to report rapes when it means they die.

    Having sex before marriage or being gay can get you excuted in some islamic countries, look at this:

    Do you think its reasonable to kill people for having sex or changing their religion?
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    I'd rather have my country hated by others if that's what it takes to keep it safe.
    Fact is, that after 6 years of relative peace, Hezbollah decided to get inside Israeli territory, abduct 2 soldiers and kill 8 (not 6) more. After all these years, it's time we really end this nonsense. In the long term, as much as some people don't see it, we're doing the world, including Lebanon, a favor.

    By the way, investigators say that buliding in which 60 people lost their lives only collapsed 7 hours after a rocket, fired by a tank, hit it, not directly. I'm not jumping into conclusions, but this might mean something.
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    I showed you the statistics & it proves that middle east countries are moooooooooooore safe than USA or europe.

    which extremists!!! you never lived among muslims, you are just repeating what your media is saying.

    A real muslim never kill except if he is defending his country.

    "Do you think its reasonable to kill people for having sex or changing their religion?"
    NO, who said this is in islam???
  10. 2 of the 3 crimes you listed were not violent crimes.

    "which extremists!!! you never lived among muslims, you are just repeating what your media is saying."

    Yes im sure a large percentage of muslims are normal people the problem is there really are some extremist factions around that are desperate to stop the middle east from advancing. Even in my country which is no where near the middle east we have had violent crimes commited by islamic extremists.

    In Iraq the extremists arn't even targeting the Americans as much, instead the Shiites extremeists are trying to kill Sunnis and Sunni extremists are trying to kill random Shiites, in the last few months 6000 Iraqi muslims have been killed by other muslims.

    "NO, who said this is in islam?"
    The fundamentalists that control some of the middle eastern countries. Have you heard of the Taliban? They enforced sharia law in Afghanistan and often executed women for things like having sex before marriage or not covering their face enough. Im not sure but I recall that the punishment for leaving islam in afghanistan is still death. There are people in the middle east that do not want peace and common sense to prevail in arab countries.
  11. I'm only seeing 3 Muslim countries on that list.
    And quite frankly, even though it's not on the list, I don't think living in Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan is any more safe than whichever other countries you listed.
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    I hope you don't forget that you would be living in tents and riding on camels through the desert if it wouldn't be for the evil west.

    Do me a favor and listen to a very well educated woman who is arab herself but not too close minded to place criticism on the religion and her people.

  13. I found this interesting article, just some thoughts...

    "The passed winter we visited with Vlasis and Marina the fortresses of Rupel in the Greek-Bulgarian borders. It is the place in which the Greek army resisted in an astonishing way against the German troops in April 1941. After the first - hard battle - day (6 April 1941), the Germans for the first time in 2nd World War, asked truce in order to collect the dead bodies and the heavily injured. Some injured German soldiers were found by the Greek Army and were collected by the Greek Soldiers, took them to the operating-theatres and provided them complete medico-pharmaceutical care. The Germans were very surprised by this act and for the first and the last time in the 2nd World war, the Germans in the exit of fortresses, PRESENTED ARMS and THEY ATTRIBUTED PRICES, to the very few defenders of the fortresses that were exiting the galleries. Finally ETHICS can exist in the war.

    In this occasion the Greeks took care of the German injuries, in the occasion of Lebanon the Israelis kill children and civilians to hurt the Arabs psychologically"
  14. it'd be interesting if they didnt try to sum it up with "in the occasion of Lebanon the Israelis kill children and civilians to hurt the Arabs psychologically", since that's really not what's happened.
  15. IMO they could have done better
  16. in conclusion, from these statistics you can say middle east countries are moooore safe than USA or europe, you can't deny that.

    here, where i live i never heard saw a crime or a gun or drugs, i can walk at night alone at 2 or 4 am & no ones bothers you. althought i dont look like arabs.

    in iraq, everything turned to be bad after USA came, before USA we never heard abt shiites or Sunni, did u hear that before USA war ???

    ya i heard about taliban but we didnt live there, we just listen to the media, when you read & understand islam well, you will understand that islam really means PEACE.
  17. Linda Heard

    At this stage in the war with Hezbollah, Israel cannot achieve anything except further international condemnation together with visceral hatred from Arabs and Muslims everywhere.

    There are few in the Arab world today who are in the mood for forgiveness and reconciliation after they have gazed in disbelief at tens of tiny corpses being unceremoniously thrown into mass graves, including a one-day-old baby whose parents didn't even have time to give her a name.

    During an emergency summit held in Rome, Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora was driven to ask delegates "Are we children of a lesser God? Is an Israeli teardrop worth more than a drop of Lebanese blood?"

    Israel's Defense Minister Amir Peretz wants America's blessing to continue hostilities for a further ten to fourteen days. He might have got it except for the Israeli bombing of Qana that took the lives of 60 civilians, including 37 children. He may still.

    Qana had already entered the Lebanese lexicon as a euphemism for "massacre" following a devastating Israeli strike on that southern Lebanese village in 1996. The resulting carnage was thought to have triggered a close to Israel's Operation Grapes of Wrath.

    It is understandable, therefore, that incensed Lebanese demonstrators sought to trash the United Nations headquarters in Beirut, although such behavior cannot, of course, be condoned.

    After all, their government had been begging that body for a cease-fire for weeks to no avail. This is because the US has staunchly refused any condemnation of Israel, leaving the world body open to criticism of being ineffectual, America of extreme pro-Israel bias and Britain of being led by the nose.

    As messages of condolences and outrage flooded in from nations around the world on Sunday, Lebanese officials told US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to cancel a scheduled visit to Beirut unless she came armed with an immediate unconditional cease-fire. The time for toothy smiles, kisses and crocodile tears is over.

    The strongly (or perhaps formerly) pro-American Lebanese prime minister told CBS, "The Israelis are committing state-sponsored terrorism".

    In a total departure from the Bush party line, Siniora heaped praise on Hezbollah's fighters and its leader Hassan Nasrallah "who are sacrificing their lives for the sake of Lebanon."

    It is in the Bush administration's interests to see Hezbollah pummeled and rendered impotent. Rather than perceive the conflict in the context of feuding neighbors, the US has deliberately subsumed it into its "war on terror".

    To this end, Bush and his British sidekick have branded Hezbollah a terrorist organization that must be stamped out in order to birth "a new Middle East" � one in which feuding states live contentedly under the American/Israeli boot.

    Now that Siniora has given Hezbollah legitimacy by publicly patting on the back, Bush will increasingly find this argument a hard sell. Although I should add Fox News viewers and their ilk have already bought into it hook, line and sinker.

    A new "terrorist" foe was thought to be just what the doctor ordered for George W. Bush's dwindling popularity rating. Bin Laden has disappeared into the ether. Saddam Hussein awaits the outcome of his kangaroo trial in an American jail. Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi was duly assassinated and his so-called successor spotted in an Egyptian prison where he's been languishing for the past six years.

    The new foe had to be destroyed and humiliated so that the policies of the self-acclaimed leader of the free world could be seen to be working.

    Unfortunately for Bush, Hassan Nasrallah doesn't exactly fit the bill. He's too softly spoken for one, doesn't engage in outlandish rhetoric or speak longingly of Islamic caliphates from Spain to goodness knows where. Instead, he represents over 40 percent of all Lebanese, so if he's a terrorist they must be too. Moreover his people haven't been producing snuff videos when corpses are divorced from their heads.

    Those pesky Europeans haven't been much help either. They've refused to add Hezbollah to their list of terrorist groups, and so has Russia.

    Israel's inability to crush what its spokesmen inevitably refer to as "Khizbollah" has further ruined Bush's plan. The Israelis were meant to pull a quick, decisive victory out of their hat. After all, they have had years of experience fighting militant groups in occupied Palestine.

    And, most importantly, they are the ones with the big American bombs, the deadly American F16s and Apache helicopters and the impervious American tanks.

    Yet almost three weeks into the conflict, Hezbollah is still firing an average of 100 rockets into northern Israel each day and has driven a succession of elite Israeli units out of its southern strongholds. The resistance has further downed an Israeli drone and several helicopters, not to mention achieving a direct hit on an Israeli warship.

    The result has opened a can of worms. Israelis commentators are turning on their military, accusing it of being ill prepared and ill trained. Defense officials fret over Israel's diminished deterrent capability.

    The Bush brigade is said to be disappointed at Israel's military ineptitude and embarrassed by its attacks on civilians. The international community is up in arms over Israel's brutality and America's intransigent stance in the face of calls for an immediate cease-fire.

    Syria, once considered an irrelevance or even "a low-hanging fruit" has re-established its importance in the region with all roads once again leading to Damascus.

    The Palestinians have been reinvigorated by Hezbollah's military successes and progress toward their state has adopted a renewed sense of urgency.

    As for Hezbollah fighters, they have achieved an almost mythical quality throughout the Muslim world due to their stealth, stoicism, self-discipline and courage under fire.

    Most importantly, Israel has unwittingly opened up a discussion that was verging on taboo in mainstream Western media. In yesterday's Guardian, David Clark writes: "How can 'terrorism' be condemned while war crimes go without rebuke?" How indeed!However, the outcome of this conflict isn't ready to be written in stone. With its back against the wall there is a danger that Israel will embark on a scorched earth policy in southern Lebanon. Alternatively, Syria and Iran could get dragged in when Bush's evangelical support base will merrily prepare themselves for "end times" rapture.

    The most favorable outcome for Lebanon would be an unconditional cease-fire followed by a prisoner exchange, a return of Sheba Farms to Lebanon and a non-NATO international force with a UN mandate swiftly brought in to police a cordon sanitaire.

    For Israel, there isn't one. It arrogantly overplayed its hand and lost the game. Unless, of course, it equates winning with how many children's coffins it can notch up in the shortest time.
  18. wait, all of the sudden you wouldn't kill them anymore?
  19. haha yes, we can't deny it.

    Because middle eastern muslim countries are well known for their honest rape statistics without a dark figure at all.
  20. thats what i was about to say
  21. I mean, there are middle eastern countries in which jews are safe. Bahrain is one of them. But Bahrain is very small and certainly one of the most developed, society wise probably the most developed. Add UAE to this list and then it ends when it comes to tolerant countries ...
  22. I dunno much about Bahrain, but Ive lived in the UAE and I can say that the civilian population hates jews as much as the rest of them, and they are considered to be very moderate. Sure their government might be friendly towards westerners, but the core of the people are pretty much the same. The school I went to had a Quran(Koran) class....I stuck around for one of the classes...guess what their topics guessed it America/Europe/Israel.
  23. LOL funny :) I would have expected them to hate Israel, but not jews necessarily. Jews sit in the Bahraini parliament even, but they'Re not too happy with Israelis
  24. They always used the word Jew, So im guessing that they ment the religion and not Israel.
    The funny thing is at the end of the day they got into their Escalades/x5's to the nearest McDonalds. Well, atleast the ones I hung out with.

  25. being jew is a crime there

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