The Case for Christianity -- Part 1

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  1. So he's touting something he doesn't believe?

    Sounds far fetched. And you're right, I didn't watch it....nor will I.

    Religion is nothing more than a primitive control mechanism.
  2. no he beleives it, but its not his ideas. He didnt make it up, you dont make up the truth.

    If you dont watch things like these, then i suggest you dont argue against christianity. If you dont bother to find out about something, how can you argue against it?
  3. Anyone who comments on this link Luke has provided and doesn't listen to it can consider their comments relating to it utterly null and void. No argumention entered into.
  4. The biggest stumbling block with religion is the supernatural aura of it all. Some of us just can't belive that there were people out there like Jesus and whatever that could do all these magical things simply because there is NOBODY like that today.

    Any attempt to clarify such bogus claims are bound to be looked upon as nonesense from the non-believers. No matter what you (or any tv special says), you will never make someone belive in the supernatural without genuine proof.
  5. Its simple. Christianity is based on stories/postulations on a series of possible events.

    I don't need to argue against Christianity or any other religion....they are what they are.

    If the video had profound knowledge about the existance or "proof" in religion- it would be:

    A) Seriously news worthy and I would have heard it already

    B) Outlined point by point in this thread.

    The point is, it hasn't been outlined...I know it is therefore quite nebulous and full of circular logic. I can tell all this without watching it....didn't need to waste 45 minutes of my time. Prove me wrong.
  6. That all depends on how you've chosen to handle God's extension of forgiveness. If you've decided to rejecte it, then yes, your actions will probably land you in hell. If not, then you're definitely on the right track.
  7. But you've gotta remember, since Heaven is perfect, all of my annoying/retarded/lame personality traits will be gone.
  8. Heaven is prefect? What kinda of lilly pussy shit is "prefect" for you? All the cool people go to hell, if anything hell will be prefect, because the people there one be a bunch of wierdo sissies like you. I'm all for hell.
  9. The differences between subjective and objective truth is connected to our culture's recent trend towards moral relativism. He points out that subjective truths are neither true nor false, and that objective truths are either true or false.

    He then goes on to show how religious pluralism is an inherently weak concept. All religions can't be true for obvious reasons, so either one is correct and the rest are false, or no religions are ever true at all.

    The second half of his presentation focuses on how our culture has lost sight of the biblical definition of faith. He goes on to say that it's not religious wishful thinking or foolish blind faith (as a lot of people claim).

    And he closes with a brief explanation of what true biblical belief is (evidence which produces knowledge in which people can place their trust).
  10. Of all the posts in this entire thread, the one I'm quoting right now makes me fully confident that you'd most benefit from listening to this clip. Seriously, give it a shot. Just listen to it in the background.
  11. It's not. That comes in Part 2. This is just laying the ground work about truth and faith.
  12. And Tahoeman, I never received a PM from you regarding your question. When can I expect that?
  13. Whoa, super discouraging statistic! Apparently only 18 people have listened to that broadcast. I'm truly shocked that so many people are that closed-minded when it comes to Christianity. I mean, my introduction video had FIFTEEN TIMES as many hits, and that file was 2-6 times as large as this one. I must say, I'm really disappointed in you guys. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  14. im not going to waste my time proving you wrong because quite frankly, there is a video at the beginning of this thread that will help you to understand christianity to a far better extent than i ever could by outlining it point by point.

    oh, and also, its not proof of God or anything like that. Mc777 has already explained what the video is about. Its not about to prove God exists. And how can you tell it is nebulous and full of circular logic without even watching it? Not everything christian is like that you know....
  15. I will listen to this shortly then reply, I must warn you however I just had to tell my mother that I would not be going to their most important religious activity for the year and then had to watch her face as she undoubtedly thought about how her god is supposed to murder me in the near future.
  16. Thanks. It's nice to see that some of you guys still have an open mind about these kinds of things. This thread is really starting to make me wonder if most atheists/agnostics are scared of Christianity actually being legit.
  17. I'm going to watch tomorrow after my exam. And I think your theory on atheists being scared is more than a bit off.
  18. I wouldn't say that atheists are scared. I do believe, however, that atheists warrant no greater level of attention when it comes to them expounding their views, over Christians.
    Athiests, like every group in a society, contains members who believe the core of atheism for varying reasons.
    Contrary to popular opinion however, atheists do have faith, just not in the same place that Christians (or any other form of theism). Atheists have their views, Christians have theirs and atheists are certainly not, be any means, WHATSOEVER, of greater intelligence, wisdom, understanding, education or willpower over Christians.
  19. You can't watch a mp3 -.-
  20. It's 4:30am, cut me some slack.
  21. After listening to this I really have no idea WTF you were thinking when you posted this file.
    Some points from this file:
    - He admits good people will go to hell just because they arn't christians and infers to some degree that this isn't a very nice thing for jesus to do.
    - He assumes his religion is the only correct one and provides no evidence to support this.
    - Claims that faith in christianity isn't really important and that there is ample evidence capable of proving it to be true.
    - Claims that the OT is literal and various miracles actually occured.

    Do you really think there would be so many non-christians if there was actually readily availible information proving the validity of christianity?
    Why does he insist on talking about miracles performed in the OT? Why don't we get these sort of things today? It would certainly increase the popularity of christianity if there was frequently blatent miracles performed that clearly involved supernatural forces.

    Why would god stop doing them? Did he prefer people from thousands of years ago? Is he sadastic and decided it would be fun to screw with people today? The fact is it defies all logic, many people say things like that isn't necessary today or we have the bible today, but this reasoning is complete tripe, if anything its the opposite. People these days are constantly bombarded with misleading information from advertisements and thousands of other sources making them far more cynical and not inclined to believe things without proof. If there was ever a necesarry time for constant miracles its now.
  22. my problem with his way of this guy's proselytizing is that he focuses on these things which i dont think attract many non-christians. i think it takes a more open approach- stating one's case, showing how it's a good belief system (not just saying "love christ" or something; it's a very complex thing to be a christian, and there are many beliefs), and conceding that the burden of deciding whether they can really believe it to be "Truth" is on their shoulders alone. and after doing your best to make the case in a way proper for that person, if they still dont accept, then move on. Jesus himself did that, and he was God for cryin out loud.

    i dont think it's good how this guy essentially pushes his religion on others. not because he speaks his beliefs or answers those questions, but he says everyone but him is WRONG without justifying it (the 'evidence' he provided towards the end was not evidence at all, but something useful if you already do indeed believe in the bible, and interpret it the same way, which most DONT), even Catholics and Jews (who are fellow brothers in God). you cant talk about it being Truth and expecting everyone to see it your way when it's only "truth" because of his convictions to that effect. and i also dont like how he works around 'faith'; the very definition of faith he was speaking against is the VERY definition that most of us who are religious ought to use. and no, it doesnt take away from logic or proof, because it's mutually exclusive from scientific sort of things.
  23. You're completely wrong. For example do people who don't believe in bigfoot hold this view due to faith? No they generally don't believe in bigfoot due to a lack of credible evidence supporting its existance and come to the logical conclusion that bigfoot does not exist. Yet apparently when this same logic is applied to the various religious deities it somehow becomes faith? For atheism to be faith you must have some reasonable evidence supporting the existence of your bible god, perhaps you would like to share this with us all? Please don't waste my time with a response about the bible god creating the earth as the bible says and then suggesting if this is correct the rest must be as well, countless deities and theories can lay claim to this.
  24. I'll try to answer your miracle question. As you know, the OT covers several thousand years of history/storyline. The OT (as well as the NT) does cover many miracles, but that in no way says it was on a greater basis than now. It seems that you insist on saying that there are no miracles performed at this point in history. Once in a while, whether in person or on a tv program, we hear of someone who was cured from some sort of incurable desease. Many times, the individual cured claims it was the work of God. Though many listening blow it off as either a coincidence or just some event that is not quite yet explainable by science, but nevertheless must have a "logical" explanation to it; but wait, maybe, just maybe it was a real miracle?! I work in a hospital. Truthfually, though on a rare occation, I hear of something to previously stated ssenerio, its quite interesting.
    So, in my understanding, I believe that miracles occur just as often as before, just probably not in the same league as the "parting of the red sea" arena of miracle, but how often did that happen in the OT as well?
  25. Yes and they are always ambiguous and revolve around things that are somewhat unlikely rather than impossible. The bible miracles were usually extremely obvious and in public, I even vaguely recall somone in the OT challenging some other "false" religion to some sort of miracle duel involving setting fire to an altar. Why don't christian church leaders do that today, how do you think it would go...

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