The Cobra vs Lancer EVO VIII

Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra' started by 27GTR, May 12, 2003.

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    I'm going to end this once and for all. THE.EVO.WILL.WIN. On any track, in any condition, the Evo's superior handling ablities will make it prevail. It's hailed as one of the worlds' best handling cars by The Japanese,Europeans, Americans, Kazakhs, Arabs.... etc. The evo, while having a power disadvantage, is still blindingly quick[0-60 in 4.9 seconds, like I said, it's no slouch.] Plus it's cornering ability will help it pull away from the Mustang. The 03 SVT Cobra got 0.85g's on car and drivers skidpad. It was a comparison between it,the Rx-8, and the G-35. It came in last. And, it would also lose in a handling competition to the LIVE REAR AXEL Firehawk[Firebird for ever, Mother#$%#ers]which suspension type was state of the art in 1897. The evo is superior, and I would take it over any piece of shit automatic mustang. Oh, and by the way HP, why are you defending a car you cannot possibly drive? Your an auto lover, and you claimed Manuals were useless, dispite thier PROVEN advantage over automatics.
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    lol, I didn't know the Firebird was around in 1897.

    But yeah, it's all true.
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    the cobras an automatic?
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    No, he was referring to AmericanHP, who, in an earlier argument insisted that automatics are faster than Manuals.
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    sarcasim guy. and, if done right, autos are faster.
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    I knew you were being sarcastic, however he didn't say the Cobra was automatic.

    and yes, if done right, Autos CAN POTENTIALLY be faster in straightline acceleration, as they can be built to shift at exactly the right rpm for optimum acceleration, and if designed to eliminate the inherent problem of greater hp loss than manuals. But even after all that, there are three major disadvantages:

    1) you have a very expensive transmission.

    2) you're still only faster in straightline acceleration

    3) a good enough driver who can shift at exactly the right moment, can still accelerate just as fast (if not faster) if he has a dog-shift manual gearbox. (like the ones used in F1, and which are being more commonly used in Group-A WRC spec cars).

    So, autos can potentially make up for human error, and slow(er) shift times suffered by manuals in straightline acceleration, but they'll NEVER be able to make up for the optimal control provided by the potential to be in the right gear, at the right rpm, at the right time on a twisty road.
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    Very right. Lazy kid, if autos are superior, how come thre is no fully automatic racecars? How come they are all dogboxes? It's because
    an auto will NEVER be able to keep up with a manual on a racecourse.

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    i never said they were superior. there are no fully auto racecars for two resons. one, most racing programes have banned them. two, they dont downshift as well. because of there ability to upshift, they can potentaly be able to beat a sloted standerd in the straghts only. dogboxes and semiautos are a differant story however.
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    Autos are used in dragracing, though not commonly, and pretty much only in top fuel dragsters.

    And, Dogboxes ARE manuals, they just engage differently (i.e. the clutch pedal is replaced by a sensor that disengages the clutch the moment you touch the paddle)
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    Stop talking out of your a$s kid. It would KILL firebird, even the one's made in...1897.

    Also, auto's can be and are faster. They don't use them in races for one reason, two actually.
    1. The aren't as reliable as manuals.
    2. Manuals are cheaper to fix when they do break.

    Oh, and I CAN drive a manual idiot, I just prefer auto's. And I NEVER said manuals were useless, please learn to read, it would help tons kid.
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    American HP - read the above.

    Autos cannot EVER be faster in anything other than straightline acceleration, and at that, a good driver with a dog-shift manual gearbox, could accelerate faster than someone in an automatic.
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    Wrong. Auto can be faster in ANY type of race. Second no body can shift faster then an auto can, NO matter how you shift. Doesn't matter how fast you are, how long you've been driving/racing, or by "dog shifting", you can't shift faster then an auto.
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    semi-autos are considered manuals, and i bealeave they shift faster than most all autos.
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    In anything other than straightline acceleration Autos will be slower because you cannot downshift to be at the optimum rpm for a corner, so unless the person driving the Manual is a complete retard (as I assume you are since you claim to be able to drive faster when driving an automatic), the Manual will always be superior for being in the right gear at the right rpm at the right time.

    Dog-shift manual gearboxes can go from 1st through 6th, and back to first again in the time it takes for a normal transmission w/manual clutch to shift one gear, and from 1st to 6th in the time it takes a racing transmission to be shifted through one gear. The highest performance Automatic Transmissions can only shift 1/3 faster than Racing transmissions with a manual clutch, therefore a Dog-shift manual gearbox can be shifted through 4 gears in the time it takes for even the highest performance Automatics to be shifted through one gear.

    And even then, with the Automatic you still cannot control the rpm you are at (except through throttle control, which means that the engine response will always be slower), you have no control over whether engine speed can be at a high rpm when gears are shifted, therefore you cannot have a burst of speed if you need it, and finally, with automatics, since you cannot use the transmission to slow you down, you will go through brakes much more quickly, and with such a heavy car, I would think that would be something you cannot afford, particularly in a race.

    Please, don't start being a dumbass all over again, you're wrong, and that's final.
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    but don't hold a candle to dog-shift manuals.
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    Where and what circumstances?

    Japan, U.S. imported by Motorex, U.S. imported by you and legalized by Motorex....etc?
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    Maybe if you had bothered to read the god damn post, I said the SUSPENSION TYPE[i.e solid rear axle w/leaf springs] was state of the art in 1897, obviously the front suspension is modern.

    The Firehawk outhandles the Mustang, Car and driver got 0.89g for the Firehawk, and the slalom speed was higher.

    The damn reason the use Dog-Boxes in F1 is beacause they are PROVEN, I repeat PROVEN to be supierior to a crapomatic, not because they are nessacairly more reliable or cheaper to fix[they do not fix gearboxes in the middle of Grand Prix races, by the way]
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    For the last time, why do you even bother posting anything? Do you like looking like a tool with each and every post you make?
    And one last time, the Firehawk doesn't outhandle the Cobra. Sorry to burst your bubble kid.
    And if need be, I bet you they would try to fix the gearbox if it broke. I've seen it in other racing leagues, why not here. Oh because you said so, OK...LOL...
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    Please don't use the word or phrase or whatever LOL. It makes you sound like a twelve year old girl[you may be into that thing, but please, not here]. One more time. The Firehawk got a higher skidpad and slalom rating than the 2003 Cobra[0.89 to 0.85]

    Yes, while they do LOOK at the gearbox to see if it is repairable, they race will certainly be over before they can fix they box. TOTAL
    GEARBOX FALIURE IS NOT EASY TO REPAIR GIVEN THE TIME CONSTRAINTS. Even if they do manage to fix it, they driver will be more than 40 laps or more down, so the governing sanction would nor classify him.

    Example: In 1974, Jaques Laffite's iso marlboro suffered a terminal gearbox problem at the old Nurburgring, a 195 turn monster. He was over 11[out of 14] laps behind when they finally got it fixed. He was behind cars that had already been out for several laps. He finished and unclassified 11 laps down, the 15th running car, but he was acutually more like 22nd[out of 26]. Tell me, was that worth it?
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    Mustang SVT Cobra : 390hp

    Lancer Evo VIII: 271hp

    Straight Line: SVT win, I have no doubt on that, even for the 4WD

    But get this...

    Murcielago: 580hp

    BBC Top Gear Tested Result: "quicker than a Lamborghini Murcielago!"

    Evo VIII on a track is faster than the Murcielago.

    So, may be we should change the forum topic to:

    The 580hp Murcielago vs 390hp SVT Corba

    May be this would be a closer match (I mean on a track though, so smile ^ ^)
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    But get this

    I'll let the numbers speak for themselves:

    Final drive.......3.55:1................3.90:1........
    Weight/power......9.05 lb/hp............10.4 lb/hp....


    Quarter Mile......13.30@109mph..........13.29@100.5mph
    Road Course.......1:22.7................121.0.........
    Fuel Economy(epa)..16/22................18/24.........
    Top Speed.........155mph................145mph........

    And a few quotes:

    "As goofy as they look, don't discount the advantage of those two extra doors accessing the WRX's very useable rear seat."

    "One could easily argue the STi is the better all-around car. It's just as quick at the dragstrip, faster around the road course, and costs less"

    "The Cobra is far more challenging to drive hand around corners than the forgiving all wheel drive STi. We also found the Cobra's heavily bolstered leather wrapped seats to be uncomfortable compared to other Mustangs we've driven.

    "Considering it's traction disadvantage, in a street race with the STi, the Cobra would probably lose."

    yes i know that is the STI , yes i know the EVO is FASTER than the STI
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    Well, the EVO 8 is only faster on a paved track than the STi, not straightline acceleration, nor on wet pavement, nor on dirt, but I'm sure it would still be faster than the SVT Cobra in all areas other than perhaps straightline acceleration.
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    for the average driver. the EVO's AWD is a whole lot more forgiving than the SVT's RWD. it takes a good driver to compleatly kill the throtle induced oversteer on the cobra, but once thats fixed the cobra handels briliantly.
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    I think the EVO would handle much better than the SVT by far, with or without a good driver. With a driver who can drive the EVO to its fullest potential, corners could be taken at astounding speeds, beyond even what a good driver behind the wheel of an SVT control.
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    Yeah, I almost bought one. However, my son works at a Mitsubishi dealership and every EVO except one that has gone out has been back several times. They need to work some kinks out of the car first. Also, I like a little more comfort in my ride than the EVO provides. Neat friggin cars though and the aftermarket stuff should be astounding.

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