The countdown as just ended, update on the G5

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  1. The days of my beloved 2006 Pontiac G5 Pursuit, that I bought brand new, are finally coming to an end. It's my girlfriend's car and it was time to let it go. I shall miss it.

    It got 260,000 kms + on it and it was pretty good, well engine and transmission wise. It still got the original radiator, starter, alternator, the exhaust front to back and, believe it or not, the original car battery. But the rest of the car was a nightmare!!

    I replace the whole front suspension, name it, struts with springs assembly, twice the lower tables and countless stab bar links.
    The rear suspension replace too. Coil springs and rear shocks with top plate bearings.
    At least 5, if not 6 front wheel bearings. One time on the front left but 5 times for the front right!!!
    Coil packs twice and igniter replace too.
    And, as you can see, the poor thing is being eaten alive by rust.

    I'll miss you Pontiac G5, well not!! It's about time that you leave my driveway for good, you goddam money pit of a car!!!

    DSC02009.JPG DSC02010.JPG
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  2. Pics of it when new.

    2006 Pontiac G5 Pursuit -1.JPG 2006 Pontiac G5 Pursuit -2.JPG
  3. Do something cool with it for a proper send off!
  4. I thought of doing a killer burnout but that will destroy the whole front end of the car.
  5. what did you pursue with it

    holy shit at original battery

    whats next? get something nice before all cars become electric or self driving or both
    treat yoself
  6. holy shit @ battery indeed

    whats the next car? Ford Taurus?
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  7. Stay tuned. :D
  8. Please don't buy another GM shitbox.

    My 2006 Mini is on the original battery, too. About 200k km on it.
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  9. Tell your woman how to drive, that'll fix the suspension problems.
    Women drivers, amiright guys?

    Get a G8 or MaximaR
  10. Gross! You and your wife deserve better than that!
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  11. Saturn L300!
  12. All that rust. Go full on Japanese this time.

    But keep that battery.
  13. Pretty sure my 2009 is on it's third battery.
  14. Subaru Legacy?
  15. Nope and you shall see tomorrow. :)
    Also, don't forget, it's for my girlfriend, so it's not a 5.0 Mustang GT or a Corvette.
  16. Fiesta ST ? :D
  17. smart cabriolet
  18. I'm going to say something like a Hyundai Elantra GT
  19. Jeep Compass
  20. Wow you guys are cruel

    I'm voting for Dodge Neon
  21. So, here it is!! My girlfriend's new car, well not exactly new, but a fine used 2013 Mazda 2

  22. Congrats on the mazda of your wife. They are neat cars.
  23. I kinda like those. seem like go karts and mazdas are usually good to drive as far as non "sports" cars go
  24. My mother has one of those. She quite likes it.
  25. I have never seen a pursuit/cobalt rust so bad. I'd say that's a case of neglect. Bad hulk BAD HULK!

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