The definitive P1 test

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by norco123, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Does the P1 have drum brakes? Those are a pain to change
  2. just in the back. if it has the LE package it has all around disks
  3. The wear induced is probably negligible anyways...You'd be surprised how many modern cars employ this style of LSD simulation. Even for stability and traction systems, brakes are used all the time now without your knowledge.
  4. that one is yellow
  5. Apparently those brakes are 'a new thing'
  6. lol, no
  7. I know maybe.

    I'm not sure about the whole negligible wear thing. A modern basic hatch can go trough 3 rears in the time it used to chew trough 1 set.

    How this manifests itself with gazillion rabbit power (UK imperial) and several furlong pound/jiffies (anarchist, Russian 1912) of grip & downforce, I don't know.

    Time will tell. Or TSCM.
  8. right, but it was yellow and black two-tone
  9. Look at timmy conversing about vehicles
  10. the one i posted he was referring to
  11. oh, yes
  12. Yes time shall telllll. As for the modern hatch part, the GTI could be an exception due to the massive pad material but it is great on brakes, even after 2 trackdays. That was with ESP on because my old man was driving and it also does that diff stuff under hard acceleration in its own way.
  13. all depends on the type of pad material used. from what I've seen/read the brakes won't eat themselves while doing this unless you do that on every corner for about a week.
  14. I was thinking with the amount of work they already put into braking, developing those crazy brakes with Akebono...I'm sure they've thought about all this a million times and more to ensure 'ordinary' wear. Shit even Priuses have regen braking, and apparently use less brake material because of that.
  15. agreed. only quick wear you'd get out of them is if you were to abuse it constantly. which will cause everything to wear more quickly in whatever you're driving.
  16. What's next? Video games?
  17. Alloy wheels instead of plastic hubcaps on the LE package also
  18. On this topic, anyone notice the big additional piece of material behind the rear calipers? Presumably the outlet of a brake cooling duct, and probably there to help account for the extra use the rear brakes will be getting. This wasn't on the original press car but seems to be on the ones being tested by the media, as well as the production model.
  19. And a CD player instead of cassette one.
  20. 6 disk changer in the trunk
  21. gold badge option
  22. Is metallic paint included in the msrp?
  23. unlikely, but would you suggest the manufacturers towball or should i go aftermarket
  24. White gauges on the R version

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