The Drift

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by catphish, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. fiat 500?

    what a waste!
  2. Pft you wish. I'd drift that shit out jDM style.
  3. Drift racing is like figureskating for cars.
  4. do a special of it on drift gear
  5. The good drifting.
  6. its queer?
  7. makes you end in the €±@?%* canal with your high-end million dollar car
  8. a pointless waste of energy?
  9. I think its an old ukrainian car.
  10. Looks like an old Subi or something...
  11. Bwahahahaha what a Fiat, I want it.
  12. if by ukrainian, you mean italian, then yes
  13. 500s remind me of vw bugs that sat in the water for too long.
  14. My family had this car back in Serbia in the late '60s.
  15. great first post dude, I can see yo're going to contribute quite a bit to this site.
  16. it's not much better than the rest of homeros posts.
  17. Same build quality.
  18. No.
  19. Yes. Russia/Ukraine bought some models from Fiat back in 70s I think.
  20. ROFLMAO!!
  21. Yeah, Lada did, most Fiat-copyrights went to countries like Poland and Romania (Dacia, ARO) though. But what I tried to say is that native Russian vehicles are way stronger built than the Fiats, which sometimes seem to be made of origami paper in the past.
  22. My dad had two 2101 Ladas, and one 2108.

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