The Effects of Quality Body Kits

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  1. I'm sure that everybody is aware that improving the aerodynamics of a car will obviously improve track times. I just ran across these pictures and thought that I would post them up.
  2. I think I could believe the change in temps in the first pic, but a bumper+bonnet good for 3.5s? I dunno about all that.

    I would have expected the hood to have a noticeable difference, swapping a heavy metal for carbon or plastic or fiberglass or whatever that is, but it only changed -.5sec. And changing a plastic bumper for another plastic bumper is good for -2.0sec??
  3. It's more aerodynamically efficient.
  4. I'm not necessarily calling shenanigans. I believe that faster laps could be had, but I wouldn't have expected that much.
  5. Mind if I ask where you got those? They read somewhat like a c-west advert, but like disord3r, I'm just INVESTIGATIN'.
  6. Yeah, I was a little skeptical when I saw them but I figured that I would post them anyways. I got them from the guy there got them from "another site".
  7. A belly pan with deflectors in front of the tires would of done more good and for much cheaper, plus it doesn't need paint.
  8. Yes you can make gains.

    For the celica the bigger opening allows more air in to cool the radiator and the rest of the engine compartment, but it probably also comes with a penalty of increased drag.

    The second case for the evolution it is probably due to the much larger and lower splitter at the bottom of the bumper. This will help not only decrease drag, but also increase downforce. The problem is not the splitter is much lower, so it can be damaged by steep driveways and other obstacles that kept Mitsubishi from using a similar design.

    So yea, body kits can definitely increase performance, but it may come at a price. Remember cars a compromise by the manufacturer. That does not mean that everything in those compromises applies to you.
  9. Most people do it for looks.
  10. theyre prob significantly lighter too.
  11. Most kits like these haven't even come close to a windtunnel, let alone being tested in one.

    While it may be easy to for example increase the size of air inlets to improve cooling this comes at the cost of increased drag. There is usually some sort of penalty whatever you do.

    But if you want too look at some aero improved fronts, take a look at the fronts used on racing cars used by bigger teams. They can usually afford some windtunnel time.

    One very simply improvement though is to make sure no air can leak through the gaps between for instance the bumper and the headlights. The bumber should also be vertical or lean forward so the high pressure created there won't act on the underside of the bumper creating lift.
  12. What you posted is so incomplete and unconsequential it could only be an advertisement.
  13. I highly doubt all the findings.
  14. I'd like to know their testing procedures and conditions. The climate can easily change tenths of a second.
  15. None of these kits are tested in a wind tunnel and all of them are bought for looks.
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    C-West products are often used on alot of high end Japanese racing teams vehicles, in addition most of their newer products are made from carbon fiber. If you look at their demo S2000 each panel on the body advertises its weight (I can't seem to find a pic of it with the weight decals on it). I do believe it's also the naturally aspirated record holder for the Tskuba (sp) circuit.

    I'm not doubting the possible gains of these products, especially factoring in things like the first lap usually being the slowest if started from a stop, tires are cold, etc., things to make the number differences larger though fishy advertising. Regardless, race teams throughout Japan use C-West alot, so I'm sure there is some merit behind those numbers.

    Here's their website

    EDIT: I just found those same pictures posted on their website.
  17. Body kits will only have effects on the following.

    1. Improve cooling. Since fans only do anything at idle, more air through the rad and other heat exchangers, cooler operating temps. Running cooler can mean little more efficency.

    2. More downforce. This is the main reason. Most however do not do this as often they are cheap and mimic styling only. Big part of it is lowering the aerodynamic stance of the car resulting in less air going under, more over, and such a slight body df. Also underbody's are rarely aerodynamic.

    3. Lower top speed. Simply put, the car puts out X energy from the motor. That cannot change and when X= the amount of air resistance, you get a top speed. Downforce is created by adding an opstacle causing the air to force you down.

    Sometimes the kits do make the car lighter by removing the sub bumper (the metal bar behind the plastic, whatever it would be called) as well as steel hoods/fenders.
  18. Good bodykits improve your time,but if THE Fastest one for your car looks like .... then you would look like .... and no matter how fast it goes,it will still look like ....
  19. Thats not how downforce is always created. Its one way, but its one of the worst ways. if you put a 2x4 at an angle in a flow, it will create lift, but I've never been on a plane with rectangular cross section wings.
  20. Well, that is an extreme. Essentially, it comes down to physics. The downward force has to come from somewhere, and it is from a deflection of the wind. Back to the days of the old D-type jags and such. Before the priniples of downforce and lift were applied to cars. A car was made solely to go through the air fast, but as a result they couldn't handle. So then people started adding "wings" to their cars to create that downforce. The cars were slightly slower due to drag, but could turn faster resulting in better average speed. Now, the shape can also cause a more stable air flow, allowing the car to be more stable at high speeds, this can be done without causing drag.
  21. the carbon bonnet in the second pic attacts sun light cause of it being black and has actually raised the air temp

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