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  1. So this engine is an F1 engine or did they build a new engine?
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    i dont think its an f1 engine, as its a v12, f1 engines are v10, and the displacement is 4.7 litres, and f1 is 3.0 litres.
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    I think it was built on the basis of a F1 engine though, if you read the summary they have there it talks alittle about the engine. I hardly read them, but this is my favorite car so i did, and i learned something new about its engine.
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    The engine on the Aiffitty is an F1 engine which underwent two modifications from its original state.

    It was originally modified for the P333, or something like that, a Lemans racer, in 1994. Then it was taken again and bored to 4.7 liters to fit the F50.
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    Well, now thats the standard(V10, 3.0 litres) but earlier(i think it was in the begining of the 90's) they had V12, and this engine is probably enlarged to work on the street. I've seen that this is a street modified F1 engine.
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    the engine is based on a Ferrari Formula-1 engine(I think it was from the 1990 season). They detuned that engine to make it more reliable and increased the displacement for extra torque. The result is the F50's 4.7L V12 engine. The formula-1 unit made over 700 horsepower and can rev up to 14,000 rpm, while the one on the F50 can only go up to about 8,000 rpm and makes 513 hp.
  7. The f50 can go up to 8,500 rpm and like a racecar, the rear suspension was mounted on a cast spacer between the V12engine and the gearbox. And it hits 100 mph in 8 sec. And an impresive 207 mph top speed.
  8. well
    i know its a v12 and so not from a formula one car
    also the f1 cars rev up to like 12000rpm
    there is a great vid of an f50 v an f1 car from top gear in the 90s if you can find it
    basically they made the engine big and a v12 so there would be some kind of torque like an f1 car but its no where near as quik (acceleration) or as fast (top speed) i meen f1 cars top speed is 220 max and f50 only does it in 205 but i dont think that was hte point
    an enzo isnt really that fast but its about the way it drives
    anyone can put a big engine in a car and make it go fast... not the point of a drivers car
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