The essence of Sweden is anxiety

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    Last weekend Volvo premiered a commercial here which had a theme of Swedish depression and anxiety. It shows Swedish winter and features a modern version of a Swedish song from the 80s that is based on Swedish winter and all depressing features thereof. The lyrics tell about, for instance, a truck going through the norhern parts of Sweden, a Volvo on some bridge, hotness and sweat at some hotel in a remote town, surviving on a bottle of wine through the night, but the centre piece of the song, the chorus, is "That is when the great anxiety comes in, and from the ocean a grey ice cold wind comes in".

    Here is the commercial:

    The subtitles are not 100 percent accurate but more depressing in Swedish

    I for one think that the song is #$%#ing great and sums up Swedish winter like nothing else, but would any other country in the world produce a commercial like this?
  2. Very cool. Several months a year of darkness and extreme cold certainly ain't for me, but this commercial succeeds in giving it a unique charm.
  3. u guys r depressin
  4. Hoomens need the sun. Were driven by it. Our brain chemistry changes when the sun doesn't rise and set in the way to which we've become accustomed. We SHOULD acknowledge it and embrace it instead of thinking itakes us depressed weirdo loners or something.
  5. northern people aren't humans they are what we call, things.
  6. new XC90 is sweet as #$%#

    gonna try to convince CR to get one
  7. Joy is but the shadow pain casts.
  8. I can say I definitely understand the anxiety part of your wistfulness. As far as Canadian standards go, Southern Ontario is pretty mild. We get less of a winter in Toronto than New York or Chicago. Ottawa and Montreal get hit a little harder, but it's still mild by any other Canadian standards, with the exception of Windsor, or the west coast.

    But that winter I spent in Saskatchewan was horrible. I've never been more depressed in my life. The sun hangs in the sky at an odd angle, casting weird shadows everywhere. The wind howls at high speeds all the time, the snow never stops, and the sky is constantly alternating between grim overcast, snow squalls, or sheet lightning. And we weren't even that far north, only 50 degrees lattitude. I can totally understand why they say that all swedes are depressed in one way or another.

    The part I don't understand is how you seem nostalgic about your anxiety.
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    Hey! Don't steal our thunder, swedes. We all know we finns are the most melancholic and depressed people :p
    Also this:
    Translation: "are you hungry or what?"
  10. Eh, Swedes are a bunch of friendly and optimistic people with whitened teeth and sailboats
  11. And UAZ, get off your high horse, you're like 75% Swedish
  12. Never. Obviously some old genes but other than that, not much. I could never live in Sweden, they are too cheery for me.
  13. Come now, the day is already eight hours long. Spent an hour or so ploughin the driveway, will probably need to do this again tomorrow. In a few weeks it is winter holiday and I will see the sun while the plane gets above cloud coverage.

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  14. I thought it was lagom
  15. I feel anxious every day. Haven't felt happiness for a long while
  16. You're anxious because of the lack of things to be anxious from. I know this from not being anxious enough when I need to be.

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