The Forgoten ultimative 911 (996 GT2)

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by bella maquina, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. someone who buys a murcielago is buying it for the italian passion and flair, not to race.
    someone who buys a GT2, is buying it pretty much soley for the track.
  2. Or another track maybe ?
  3. great pics
    i realy like the GT2, but I would rather have a murci...
  4. Forgoten? By who?
  5. eh, it aint forgotten, but the reason y people dont like it as much as u would think is because its just not a very thrilling car. yeah its fast as hell, but driving it isn't as great a sensation as say a gt3
  6. The GT2 is low profile. You don't hear about it, you don't notice it. But it will blow away most of the competition when it comes down to it. German approach to sports car. Efficient. Period.
    The Murci is a latin sports car (although built by germans). It looks wild and makes the best music. Who cares how fast it actually is, after all, as long as you do it in style.

    And they are all but in the same price league! Used GT2 go from 150 to 180k. Murcis are still in the 220s and up. You'd have to get a Diablo SV to match the spirit and cost of a GT2 (around 140k). And I'd get the SV, but the GT2 would be faster and easier to drive.
  7. Compare the price difference. The porsche is the better buy.
  8. GT2 is awesome thx because I lost some of those pics

    and yes a GT2 looks less exotic then say a Murcielago but still looks great and special in it's own way...

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