The Game Thread XXXI: GOTY 2008

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MR2T, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Yours is the 850 or 860, there is no 52" 950 (LED). I still don't know what the difference between 850 and 860 are.

    The 950 LED series is only offered in 46" and 55" so far, and for a lot more money, but it's the best LCD on the market and the first mainstream LED LCD.
  2. Thats cheap man, my tv was retailing for $3000 here in inuit land before discounts
  3. tbh i get home around 9:30-10:00 and lol it up with you and the folks for an hour or so, then pass out and start the day all over again at 8am, get home at 9:30-10:00, repeat.

    i live in groundhog day only theres no hot chick and i want to jump from a building but i think that might void a warranty of some sort

    so nothing haha, heheh.... heh
  4. oh man youre all school and/or work? need to take a break and find a cute short girl with a banging booty
  5. the only difference between the 850 and 860 is that the Touch Of Color thing is blue instead of red, and there's one more USB port. That's it.

    I actually noticed there was an 860 the day I decided to purchase the TV and I liked the blue better (even though its barely noticable in most irl situations), but apparently no one had any yet so I was like w/e and got the 850.
  6. yeah man the weather is getting orsm and the ladies are oooomg with their summer clothes

    i like girls that wear abercrombie & fitch
  7. you're aweful.

    Its pretty fantastic
  8. they probably will, eventually.

    Its a good game, but if you're not a Street Fighter fan, or a fighting game fan, you might get bored of it.

    It does have a lot of trophies though, and unlockables to keep you going. And some DLC (alternate costumes ... though the only one appealing to me is M Bisons)
  9. ok, so lets say i get an iMac, if i buy it this winter, at the highest level you can get (minus the $1000 4GB RAM upgrade) it will probably be the Core i5 version with a good mobile video card 4GB ram, and nearly 1TB of HD space... maybe even a new desktop shell and a LED backlit screen...

    anyway, im mostly looking forward to the new Sims 3 game. i would easily be able to play this game, the question is do you think the new Xbox will come out soon enough that the lack of graphics on my PC will really matter?

    i dont know so long as i can play that game on high settings i'll be happy... gah ive had some beer, and i really dont care to have windows for a while, i mostly just want to have a better grasp on OSX as more people are asking for experience with it... but i still want to play games!

    gah... too much beer and internetz.
  10. Metal Gear Solid 4
  11. If you want to play games on an iMac, be prepared to also install Windows as your secondary OS, and you'll be fine. If you have the money for it, feel free to buy the highest end iMac.
  12. i'll have $2200 to spend, so it will be the highest, the update they just released was not enough to get me to buy, im counting on the next one to be a big one (it has been since 2007 since they actually did a real update to the iMac line)

    i need something that has the screen and the computer all in one, i would like it to have AT LEAST a 24in screen, so laptops dont really work too well (also i just dont like laptops)
  13. oh, also, i might get a Dell XPS those as of right now have much better stats...

    but with the mac i would at least also get to learn a new OS which would be a good skill.
  14. Learning OSX is only an asset if you're in the media editing field.
  15. thats what i figured, but i just applied to for 2 retail jobs that asked if i had experience with OSX...
  16. Apple Store retail jobs?

    All retail POS systems are based on Windows or DOS.
  17. I'm just really bummed that xTHE EDGEx made a mistake on the length of the sale because I thought I had more time.

    And I often wait months to buy PSN games because I prefer to use gift cards instead of real money.
  18. everyone knows the weekly STEAM sales are weekend sales, and now you do too
  19. Big Sisters: Confirmed
  20. I do now, yes. So please tell me if World of Goo ever goes back on sale.
  21. If I'd have thought about my post a little more I would have typed "this weekends sale" instead of "this weeks" to make things absolutely clear for non Steam users.

    You, me, Hobosport. We all listen to the same podcasts, how could you have missed that Steam has weekend sales almost every week. I bought Left 4 Dead on friday the 13th, not sunday the 15th. Why did you not buy when I posted? It's a must have game. I'll keep a sharp eye on the next WoG sale for you.
  22. I didn't buy it that night because I was on my way to bed and I spent most of the weekend helping somebody move. That, and my credit card expired a week before and I hadn't called Visa yet to activate the new one they sent me.

    I tried buying World of Goo last night but it was already too late by then. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  23. After seeing this I've realized I don't want a Bioshock sequel. I want Irrational Games to dream up another System Shock II style shooter with fresh characters and a fresh story.
  24. I just want to see the game that Shawn Elliot is working on.
  25. Congratulations! Your application to beta test Battlefield Heroes has been approved.

    Your unique beta key is...

    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>

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