The greatest car of all time?

Discussion in '1993 Mazda RX-7 JM1FD' started by Brandon J Lindgren, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Hellz yeah The Rx7s are really nice, but to be honest any of the jap. supercars are, i mean who would be pissed if they had to have a 3000gt vr4, or a 300zx, or ever the very expensive supra, i mean the rx7 has some great looks and some mad speed but they are proven to be unreliable but i have heard once you take some steps to cool them down
    a.k.a. intercoolers, raitors, bring a ice pack were ever you go they become a extremely reliable car to drive. ok thats my take on it.
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    hey i got a little take on the whole reliability issue, i don't wanna type it all up again so if you guys have the time you should check it out, its on the MAZDA 787 forum under "about the whole reliability issue" so check it out i think it should answer most of your questions, i hope at least.<!-- Signature -->
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    the 20B engine comes only in the cosmos in japan<!-- Signature -->

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