the GT40 was better

Discussion in '1968 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray L88 Coupe' started by 69Stang, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. get yourselves a GT40 ladies. Or a Detomaso Pantera perhaps? Or keep arguing about fantasy cars u will never even drive. Yeah, stick to the latter comment, it suits u better.
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    Certainly the gt40 was a better, however you can't just go out and buy a gt40. As for the Pantera, that car was always junk.
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    well u can buy a kit car that has the same performance as the race car gt40

    its turn key price is 45000,

    and well u cant go around buying the l88 for the fact that only 115 were produced and not kits are being made of the car

    so yes u can buy a gt40 today and for cheep too, no its not original but sure damn looks like it is and nobody will know but u
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    In Indiana you see about 2 or three of these L88's bad ass vettes but there is more important such as ZL1 only 2 of these ever survived yellow and wight they were supposed to manufacture more of these two cars but the truckers went on strike MY fav vette of all times is 67 Gran Sport Corvette The coupe only 5 of these
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    why the hell would you want a fake Gt40
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    it was possible to buy the detuned version of the GT40 with only 400bhp, was faster than this car, and handled better as well!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The GT40 is the greatest Ford ever built, without question. Only problem is that they cost about one million dollers each, if you can even find someone crazy enough to part with it. As for the Pantera, 1975 was its best year. When I was in highschool, my shop teacher got to drive one, he got to 160 km/h in third gear! The Pantera rules with a 427! Destroy you!
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    I think that this is a killer engine, in one of the ugliest bodies of the entire classic, or any, era. I loved the Vette until 1963, and then they came out with this monstrosity...
    I know I would love to get a nice replica GT-40, in fact that is my current dream car goal for Christmas 2003. The only ones I saw were 50K without the drivetrain and dissasembaled. Tell me where you saw that one. As for the guy who asked why you would want one, tell me you would pass up on a really nice replicar Shelby Cobra...
    As for Pantera's, I think that it's a whole lot of fun and specialness for only 15K at today's prices.
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    Have fun finding a GT-40 OR an L88 for that matter. If anything you two should be comparing the Gt-40 with the ZL-1 Corvette/Camaro.
    These were truly the cars intended to duke it out on the strip. Now as for buying a ZL1 Vette, where DID I put that $300,000?<!-- Signature -->
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    carrerra this body style vette came out is 68 not 63. the original stingray, like the one driven in conair, came out in 63.<!-- Signature -->
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    even if the gt40 was faster than this vette, the vette looks one heck of a lot better and is the proper embodiment of an american muscle car. the gt40 was some pappy oneoff by some company that makes total loser cars (mustang excluded) trying to be european, when we all know american cars are a damn sight better. <!-- Signature -->
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    lol, do you guys just pull shit out of left field as you see fit and put it in posts?

    GT40's cost no where near 1 million dollars each; you're living in the early ninties if you think so. Try 300K US, that gets u a 289 Mark I road car. Million could get u a 427 MK IIB.<!-- Signature -->
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    if u want a real gt40 the sell at auctions for like 1 million. So nsx go read something before u put bullshit on the forums
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    Listen here buddy, yeah the GT40 was a beautiful machine don't get me wrong but when you are talking about a simple engine upgrade to give you 600 hundred hp then there is no comparison! This car is alot much cheaper and easier to get also and it has the performance that any car man should enjoy. You need a vette man. This car has ballz and you know so just give it the respect it deserves.
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    the gt40 was a four times lemans proven winner with a 289 and a 427 side oiler engine. but it was much more expensive to buy and much more difficult to own only 87 gt 40 were built in the past.
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    cant agree more
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    the gt40 was a strait race car. the only reason those were sold to the public was to qualify for lemans. the vette was, is and always has been as much as grand tourer as a sports car. also there was quite a lare price difference between a vette and gt40. its almost like comparing ferarri 360 and a mustang today...but since not many people on the site own, ever will own or can ever hope to own one it really shouldnt make much of a difference..
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    this is by far the best lookin and preforming vette of all!!!
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    agreed and to this i will add one of da rarest and one of the most appreciated collecible vettes
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    This is a part of the American automotive history you should be proud of. I'd love to own this Corvette, the GT 40 or the Shelby Cobra - great muscle cars.
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    The GT-40 was also a proffesional race car, used in Lemans. Give yourself a pat on the back for figuring out that it would be faster than a stock corvette.
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    i never said the opposite but the gt 40 was built in limited numbers as compared to the vette which was built in big numbers
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    Of course the GT40s that raced out at Le Mans were better, those are like the greatest cars of all time. A detuned road car would be a better race between the L88 and the GT40s. The Pantera . . . please. Both the GT40s and L88s are great cars, and of course I want both.
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    426 HemiStage8, it seems like in every forum you make good posts, which is understandable, considering you like Hemis and probally other great American Muscle. Keep it going, its nice to here somebody who just doesn't diss cars.
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    Same reason as why someone would want a fake lamborghini, or a fake cobra kit car

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