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Discussion in '1994 Hamann F40' started by Freakusaurus, Nov 4, 2002.

  1. I was standing next to one of these the other day & at first I thought the "holes" in the hood were used to make down force to keep the car on the ground but, if u look down into the hood they have what appears to be a cooling fan in each side. Since the engine is in the back & the fans just blow out to hood onto ... nothing but the windshield.. Anyone have any idea what the fans are for.
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    not a clue, i've never been even close to one
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    The fans probobly act as a circulator OUT of the car... to lighten it the the shell was left rather hollow.
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    Arnt the shells there to filter the incoming air? or something like that at least, it like takes out air, and brings in more? something like that, but i know its to cool the car down or for air conditioning.
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    they suck the car to the ground, they also probly are used to get air in or out of the engine
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    The oil cooler is in the front of the car, and the vents help it do a better job of it.

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