The idiots that run this site are wrong!!!

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    There's no way a stock 4-cyl fiero can hit 60 in under 8. The magazines back in the day were testing V-6 fieros to hit sixty in about 7.8-8.0 sec. I know they're accually capable of doing it in probably low 7's with a good clutch though. I know alot of the editors don't really know how to drive. You can have one magazine test a car's 0-60, and have another magazine test the same car and come out with over a second difference in the results. I own an '88 GT. No it's not the fastest car in the world. I wouldn't necessarily say it's slow though. It is a pretty peppy car. And yes they were a disaster in the early years, but they eventually turned out to be a pretty good car. Not to mention an awesome autocrosser! After I put quite a few miles on mine though, I just can't resist an upgrade. So I threw in a 3.4L GM HT crate engine, with the stock injection setup. pushes out over 200 lbs/ft of torque. And with my fresh clutch also put in, along with the help of a G-Tech Pro, I was able to reach sixty in 6.2 seconds. I ended up dropping about a second on my 1/4 mile time to 15.2 secs. And I'll have to follow up on the guy a few posts back. You people really don't need to be bashing on cars that people like. Hell, I like MR-2's too. I think they're awesome cars. There's nothing wrong with liking a Fiero and an MR-2. There's nothing wrong with liking Mustangs and Camaros. There's nothing wrong with liking American or Imports. Hell, I like any car that I find sweet, regardless of who makes it.
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    my uncle has 1 n he put a 305 V-8 n it and took it to this place that said that it would go 170 and if it didnt have the right aerodynamics it would lift off the ground at 130
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    Tiss true. These think kinda become a death trap at high speeds. Very unstable due to the short wheel base, the weight balance, and a poorly designed front clip. So I just stick with autocrossing!
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    I believe suprazzx is saying that the fiero's aerodynamics allow to reach 170 not hold to only 130. You have a fiero Fizerro you should know these handle like no tomorrow. The fiero should have no problems with high speeds and have no problems with handling until you reach 170 or even 180. I've taken my fiero to 135 and it was as smooth as glass it handles better the faster you go. They were designed very well for a car that was thrown into production so quickly. The cars shape makes it stick to the ground, the fiero also has a very low drag coefficient and good weight balance.Fizerro you only ran a 15.2 with the 3.4 swap? I think there must be something wrong with your Gtech Pro. I run a high to mid 15 with my stock 2.8 and 5spd tranny (enough to keep up with the SI's). I've met guys with just a few mods to their 2.8 (exhaust, chip, and maybe a clutch) running easy low 15's. The only 2.8 only produces about 140 hp and your 3.4 produces 200 hp and 200 ft/lbls of torque should be able to run high to mid 14's. Also how much did you spend on the swap and how does it handle? I would love to do this swap and am glad I met someone who has done it.
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    Okay people. See, this is what happens when you do engine swaps on these cars. You really think Fieros are designed to handle 200+ horsepower and have the extra weight in the back? No wonder people complain about their cars having the tendancy to take flight and become unstable.

    The cars were designed to have the 2.5 and the 2.8 and nothing more. If GM wanted to put in a 305 or 350 in one, they'd do it. The 2.8 V-6 is wicked fast anyway (and the 2.5 isn't that bad really either).

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    The stock transmissions on a fiero are suprisingly strong and can handle alot of HP. Many engine swaps done on the Fiero do not add weight(yes the 350 swaps do). The cadillac northstar V8 swaps I believe add no weight and thats a much bigger engine. The 2.5 and the 2.8 are pretty heavy engines.
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    First on my engine swap issue. I went with the 3.4L GM crate engine, ment as an S-10/15, Blazer/Jimmy upgrade. I made no modifications to anything at all, other than changing the block. I only gained about 15 hp out of it by doing that. I had it dynoed at, and I don't have the exact numbers, but it was somewhere about 140hp and 194 lb/ft of torque at the wheels. My engine isn't pushing anything close to 200 hp. The reason being, I'm using the stock intake system and exhaust. That intake system is designed for a 2.8L. It doesn't have the capacity to feed the demand of air that the 3.4 wants. My hp peaked at only 4300 rpm. As opposed to the 2.8 which I think peaks at about 4800. If you opened up the intake on it, and maybe throw some headers on it, then accually it'll push out more around 170. And supposively at 5000. Remember that this crate engine is advertised as a HT (High Torque) engine. It's not built for 200 hp. But that's what I'm eventually gonna aim for is at least 200 hp with this engine. As soon as my clutch burns out, that's going to be my mission. The swap cost me $3400, which included the crate ($1800) and all the modifications, fabricating custom brackets, and R&R the old junk (No I didn't do it myself, at school at the time, and lived in an apartment).

    Also, the 3.4 swap (that is the all iron pushrodded 3.4) adds absolutely no weight to a Fiero (that is if it had a V6 to begin with). It's based off the same block. The 3.4 also looks absolutely stock, unless you look under the car and see one custom bracket and the starter holes drilled on the other side. Both are the reasons I went with this swap.

    The Fiero chassis is capable of 300 hp easily. The car's chassis is actually built pretty rigidly. I've heard of people puting over 400 hp through a stock getrag transaxle with no problems too. Whether that is true, I don't know. But I do know it can take the abuse.

    As for high speed stability. I stand on my first statement. anything over 115ish with a Fiero, you make any sudden turn in any direction, the rear end will try to get ahead of you. There is alot of air that flows under the car. And the car doesn't have much downforce. Also, any car with a short wheel base is a gamble at high speeds. I think the faster you go with a Fiero, the worse it handles. It's definately not a car you want to go past 130 with. But it does handle damn good at low speeds. Especially now, after I lowered it and inch, added koni shocks, and some nice squeekie polyurethane bushings all around, along with some new Dunlop Sport9000's!
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    Though a typical 350 V8 swap does add weight, you may be surprised by how little. At V8 Archie, (the largest manufacturer of V8 fiero conversion kits) they weighed a fiero 4-cyl before and after swapping in a iron block and heads 350 SBC. Surprisingly, there was only a weight difference of 160 lbs. Keep in mind this is a 2.5 4-cyl (aptly named the IRON duke), not the heavier 2.8 V6. My 87 GT, which I am currently swapping a 1995 F-Body Spec LT1, (285bhp, 335lb/ft) will have no noticable differences in handling, as the stiffer suspension rates of the GT compensate for the slight increase better than a 4-cyl.

    For those who would like to see for yourselves, go here.
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    True there was never an 84 GT. But you're wrong about the GTs only coming with the 5speed. I have an 86 GT with a 4 speed in it. Check your facts before you start mouthing off about all you know or don't know.
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    this car is better than an MR2 with a v8. I have seen lamborghini replicas that are fiero based and have kicked the out of supras and MR2s with over 600hp on those tunner cars and the v8 in the kitcar only had basic mods done to the engines. Doning 0 to 60 in the mid 4s and a top speed of about 180mph! and doing 1/4mile at 13.1! now thats fast and there is no MR2 that can do any thing about it.
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    Lets take it easy real quick here buddy. No need to take the page down a notch when even you yourself are wrong in your statements. Indeed there was no 84 GT, and to the guy below that speaks of 83 Fieros, and 84 GT's, well he is a confused individual mixing up model years and actually years, they just happen to be a year apart. But anyways.

    The GT's started off with a 4 speed then changed to a 5 speed later on in the mix, I have owned an driven over 15 Fieros and had a 4 cylinder and V6 in each model year and have spent the better part of the last 7 years working on Fieros exclusively. Your claim on a 7 second 0-60 is way off the charts, while the 2M4 is a great car, it is geared for fuel economy not speed and would be lucky to pull off that feat in less than 10 seconds. The GT 0-60 is up in the air and most people think that they can get an accurate reading on their own without proper instruments, don't pretend to be something your not, those stats are as close to correct as anything anyone has said in this forum.

    That is my piece and I am sorry for going off, but lets take it easy on, at least they gave us a place to chat.

    Thats my story, have a good night
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    I have done all possible research on the car so let me tell these people off. As some have already done.
    First of all a 4 banger Fiero could not do a 7.8 0-60 unless stock the V6's did low to mid 7's at best stock. So this site is definately wrong. Also as said before the fastback came out in 86 on the GT. However The first year for the GT was 85 in which they did have a 4 speed, they also had a 4 speed in early 86 models. They also came out with t-tops in 88, the last year they made them. They stopped the production of the car because they thought it would lose money by the mid 90's. The Fiero started the whole plastic body panal thing for saturn. The Fiero also has plastic body panal which will not rust, the only car of it's time to offer that. As far as the car being dangerous, do some research idots, the problems they had with them catching on fire were in the 4 cylinder models in 84,85 and some 86. But there were no recalls for the V6 models. I have heard of them overheating but what car doesn't when you run in like hell. Many have also said that they aren't safe in a crash which is everything BUT true. The Fiero got double 5 start crash test ratings. I have heard of some pretty nasty crashes that people have walked away from. I am NOT a fan on all the inmports and crap, but i do still have respect for the MR2(even though the Fiero tripled the sales of the MR2 givin any year the Fiero was in production). The 89 SC will beat a Fiero stock 0-60 by about a second(all conditions considered). Although the Fiero has much more room for improvments as it is naturally aspirated and is a V6. We all know they also look better. As far as engine swaps go you have alot to choose from. Many 6 cylinders will fit incuding the 3.1, 3.4,3.8(SC), or 4.3. It will take v8's as big as 400 with the right fabrication. The most common are the 4.9 or 5.7.
    Overall the Fiero is a great bang for the buck relatively easy and cheap to maintain with exotic like handling. Having been based on the Ferrari 308 you know you won't be dissapointed. If you don't like great looks, handling, performance, and reliability then the Fiero is not for you. But if you do, give it a try.
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    As FierogtFreak said, you people are pretty stupid. And to put who ever the Hell said his 4cyl would do a 7-8 1/4, GET REAL. To clarify the safety issue, None of the fiero's had the problem with burning except the original 4 cyl, which would throw a rod THROUGH the crank case, sending oil all over an allready hot engine. These engines were recaled and pontiac built a new 4cyl engine avoiding the problems of the previous. Unfortunatly the rep. of the car was damaged to a very high extent. (who would want a car that was seen a week ago on the enterstate, smelted and burned beyond recognition?) As for the safety issue, these cars are built like no other small car i've seen. Has anyone seen the spaceframe on these things? There is more support on this car than a '54 Ford, (this car doesn't look like it, but trust me.) As for performance, I could care less that your MR2 can outrun my Fiero (it would have trouble doing so, however!). I have been an MR2 fan since i was 12 years old seeing my first one, and can tell you it's a nice car. BUT I've also driven one, and i can not even compare it to a Fiero. IT's a Toyota, nothing more to expect. Of course Fiero's are built by pontiac, but they are like no other pontiac i have driven or raced. The 84-87 fiero, no offense guys, was built out of spare pieces. The 88's were completely different. Twin vented brake rotors, A completely different suspension,and countless other exp. I CAN NOT GET MY CAR TO SQUEEL!!!!! AT ALLL. The Hardest i've turnd the thing, the rear swung around and the tires vilently propelled the car forward spinning hard. NOT A SOUND! I didn't even feel the car roll.!!!! I've been a passanger in very fast cars before(corvettes, Mustang cobras , my grandfather even purchesed a Ferrari 550 M,) I can say that the fiero could use a lil more power(that is if you can actually take trying to get above 124 mph on a curvy back road in North Carolina.) The Absolute best thing about this car though is.... I pull up at a stop sign and cars around me seem to be running off the road more than they need to be! I can't say that an MR2 has that elegance that a well taken care of fiero does. Last but least flying down the road and looking in the rv mirror, and there is that wonderful wing! I love the wing! I'm 17 years of age, and i seem to know the potential of this car more than many older's really sad to see this car of great elegence left with no self respect to some redneck who has 12 of them. I'm going to keep my 'ol fiero as long as i can (forever, untill i can afford a Ferrari 360 spyder.) but untill then i'll enjoy the agressive sounding purple Pontiac Ferrari 308 that i love. EmmArTooGuy your an arrogent bastard! get off these peoples backs and get alittle respect. I don't believe you have enough time if you are looking for fiero forums to trash with your distasteful and fetid words. IF i were you i would buy a honda Civic and soupe it up so you can run your mouth like an ignorant teenager. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> I love mr2's, so don't ruin there rep. PUNK!
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    I've done much more than whaat is in the abouve pic. You can see some of the yellow skowing through there. I've simply done sme machanics to improve all of the simple stuff. Replaced slave and master cluch cylinders, New EGR valve, installed some new sensors,(ENGINE REALLY PURS NOW) also put new horn on it. Like my seats and grant wheel? This car is SO much fun. I wish every1 could drive an 88 formula just once.!!

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