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  4. The Miura always being one of my favourites along with the Gullwing.

    It's too bad the pics in our old garages can't be viewed.
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  6. I would like to thank all the morons who reckoned that acting retarded on the Misc forum wasn't enough so they decided to branch out into one of the last forums that was still about cars
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    This Lamborghini Miura SVJ Spider with removable targa top was presented on the Lamborghini stand at the 1981 Geneva Motor Show (and displayed in the Autodrome Cannes showroom for the pleasure of our friends and clients).

    Its dramatic SVJ style, plus the concept of an open Miura triggered rumours about a Miura Spider limited edition. But this car #4808 remained unique.

    Autodrome has just completed a bodywork / upholstery restoration (engine is as new at 39.000 km) with a new apple green paintwork at Carrosserie Lecoq, the bodywork restoration experts.

  15. couple more pics.
  16. Do you have a higher-res version of that?
  17. Here's all the Miura pics I've collected.
  18. Here's all that I've taken (I believe). There was one at one of the Cars and Coffees, but the lighting was terrible and I still haven't gotten around to editing my pics from that day (for that reason).
  19. I have the best.
  20. not a miura you know
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