The most ugly thing on the road!

Discussion in '2004 Orca C113' started by killer filler, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. A cunning strategy by an equally cunning linguist.
  2. It may be ugly as heck, but that 0-60 time will smoke pretty much everything out there. Looks aside, I'd shell out $1 million to get in it, if nothing else could beat it. That said, it looks like the revenge of the 80's.
  3. filler killer please stop posting... ANYWHERE.
  4. Reminds me of a Lister for some reason.
  5. He said the exact opposite you dumbass
  6. actually i think it bares a resemblance to the Mazda 787B, but you are the closest by far than the other people who reckon it looks like the lovechild of an F50, Zonda, and Lotus.

    To those paying out the Enzo, you may have your opinion, but overall, you are wrong, most people like the Enzos edgyness and reckon its cool. and considering every Enzo for the next few years is accounted for, i don't think they have to worry that the trend setters at PininFarina got it wrong.
  7. This does look a lot like the Edonis, but the Edonis looks beteer
  8. Hmmmz..can't say it's beautiful, nor is it ugly. It is very unique, in a good way. Has some retro LeMans Prototype car look to it..and yes the orange definitely reminds me of a 787B.

    For most of you who have not noticed, norther European supercars are not always the most beautiful, but they can definitely perform. The Koenigsegg is not more beautiful than an Enzo, but it has a presence. A design of purpose and ability. Stance, intimidation.

    The Enzo is maybe not the most beautiful Ferrari as I myself prefer the F50 and F40..haha. The Enzo is functional, but as usual, Italian cars are designed to look Super Models.

    So I guess in a sense, your Enzo = Super Model. This Orca = Swedish MetRX Worlds Strongest Man competitor? Maybe not hot, but definitely powerful...haha.
  9. i disagree totally
  10. considering that this car began development 15 bloody years ago, it seems pretty obvious that how it would look was the first thing that came to mind with the designers and everyone else involved in the construction of this car. i actually like it, even though it isnt as drop-dead-gorgeous as the carrera gt, or as aerodynamic as the enzo, or as beastly-looking as the murcielago.

    and these n00blets who come round with only one or two posts in their bags telling guys and girls who've been on these forums for afew years about how the experienced contributors should feel about a car?

    yo,n00bs :

    piss off.
  11. I kind of like it. Very Retro. Fits in well with the exotics of yesterday when there were less constraints on safety..etc.

    Everyone might praise the Enzo, Pagani, Porsche Carrera GT, and Koenigsegg...but my hat still goes off to the Jag JX220, McLaren F1, Ferrari F40/F50, and even the old insane bulls of Diablos.
  12. smooth the lines out and change the color and well....then we would have a great car.
  13. i agree......shite on this garbage car

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