The motorsport homologation specials thread!

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  1. Excuse me????
  2. oh hell yeah i can put my car in here <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  3. ???

    It was built in 1998 to homologate the sole Diablo GT1 race version. Both cars were built by S.A.T..
    This car competed only in the JGTC...
  4. S.A.T.?

    But that's not an "official" model, right? Just a highly modded Diablo...

    "The Diablo GT1 was born thanks to a small group of Lamborghini lovers. All were involved in Racing at a high level like Formula 1 or Le Mans.
    The adventure started when Isao Noritake (the Japanese Lamborghini Owner Club President), helped by Mister Marguet and Costa, convinced Lamborghini to built in advance the first GT1 car.
    The 2nd of August 1996, Lamborghini unveiled the project in a press release, and the study began the 25th of October 1996. The company SAT (Signes Advance Technology) was in charge of the development with a team of 15 engineers, Alain Marguet as the Manager and Michel Costa as the chief engineer.
    A specific Diablo engine was built by Lamborghini in Sant Agata following the SAT directives: increased capacity (6 Liters), specific camshafts, dry sump, new engine management, one coil per plug� The engine was lowered by 100 mm, rotated by 180 degrees and mounted to a 6 + reverse transversal sequential gearbox. The pair engine/gearbox is now a part of the chassis. The front part of the chassis is kept to comply with the FIA GT rules.
    The water cooler is in the front. On the brake side, you can fit steel or carbon rotors to use with the 6 pistons Brembo calipers. The carbon body was studied specifically to improve the aerodynamics. The GT1 is 880 lbs lighter than the factory car. Several of these improvements are now used on the factory Lamborghini's.
    The check-down took place on the Paul Ricard racetrack the 23rd of April 1997. The first car (chassis # ZA9DE068AOVLA12001) raced for the first time in Fuji (Japan), finishing 3rd overall!
    SAT built the second car (chassis #ZA9DE068AOWLA12000) for the road homologation. The car was homologated by the FIA the first of April 1998, and by the Italian Transport Department the 30th of April 1998. Because of the financial situation of Lamborghini, the development of the GT1 was stopped. These two cars are the most extreme Diablo produced by Lamborghini..."
  6. Wow! Amazing...

    BTW; is your avatar a F1 GT or a street-conversion GTR?
  7. Yeah, you're right. That front air intake isn't like any conversion I've seen. Could you post your avatar, please?

    Just one thing and I KNOW you're the man to clear me up. AFAIK, the F1 official road models are the F1, the F1 GT and F1 LM. All those other GTRs are unvariably conversions of racing cars, correct? There never was a purpose factory-built F1 GTR for the street, was there?
  8. The GTR's were all non road legal or at least they were not made as such
  9. Thanks, mate! So, the only road-going models are the F1, the F1 GT and the F1 LM, correct??
  10. Yep - the F1, LM and GT are the versions of road cars from McLaren.
    There are also some GTR's which were converted for road use though...
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    My avatar is a small pic from the ZAZ homepage...
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    That's incorrectly labeled: it's a 206 GT, not a GTi. IIRC, they built 300 units to meet the homologation standard, but not quite sure. I've seen one IRL. It's a bit overdone, but it had to be like this because of the 4m minimum length (the 206 had 3.8m...)
    Only cometic moddings, AFAIK.
  15. First post :D Theres a carb from an RS3100 in my dads garage, or in his wagon, in one of the two.
  16. awesome thread. moar Dauer plz
  17. No Dauer run on any race.

    I don't know if someone has make this pic in this thread....

    McLaren F1 GTR Longtail : any informations about this car ?
  18. thats for sale now <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  19. WRONG - the two Dauer racecars run in LeMans 1994 finishing 1st & 3rd!
  20. Oups ! I forgot that !
  21. Oh shit, where is that at again? I want to go there after my project is done :D
  22. Found this, dont know if it's already been posted..
  23. The thread that time forgot <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  24. There's still some good stuff. Heaps of pics seem to be missing though. #$%# SCnet.

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