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  1. lol youve never played it? its a fun game, cruising and shooting is always fun. its good on the pc, just its kinda hard in an annoying way.
  2. well i've played vice city, it was OK, not great. I'm hoping san andreas will be better.
  3. i like how you need to pay and extra $60 to use 1080p or watch blu-ray movies on the ps3
  4. have they announced the price on the 360's HD-DVD add-on yet?
  5. what I like about it being optional is that you can opt out of getting it, thus saving a load of cash.
  6. you can watch blu-ray movies with component cables for the time being, that may change.
  7. This shit needs to end.
  10. So now a few of you are complaining about HDMI not being included in the box? I doubt you even have a TV capable of 720p if you're complaining about a HDMI cord price...

    PS3 setup now 33% complete. Magnavox 50" DLP 720p HDTV now setup. All I need is a 5.1 Dolby setup and I'll be PS3 ready.
  11. i dont think we are complaining since we arent gonna buy one anyway. We are lolling at sony/sony fanboys.
  12. All of my Sony loving friends have decided to forsake the PS3 for at least a couple years. I suspect this isnt a unique phenomenon to them. Sony is going to have a very slow start to this system.
  13. depends alot on the launch titles and right now they seem pretty decent, wayyy better than the PS2.
  14. You might want to think about getting a 7.1 system because a lot of PS3 games are going to support it.
  15. Showing off Havok 4.0 Physics Engine for the PS3

    If you run up to a wall and slam right into it, or if you nail a bullet into some odd terrorist's head and he collapses onto the ground like a rag doll, that's usually the physics engine doing the work. The physics engine handles the interaction of game objects in real time. And one of the leading examples of that is the Havok middleware physics engine, used in many familiar FPS titles like Half-Life 2 and even the Matrix trilogy.

    Havok - the company that makes the software - showed off its latest version of Havok (the software) running off PC and PS3 setups at the 2006 CEDEC Developer's Conference. We have three shots of their visual presentation taken from, showing off Havok Spectrum 4.0's particle and collision physics being calculated and rendered in real time.

    Besides physics, the software can now handle character behavior in reaction to physics. No more unnaturally collapsing rag dolls. If something hard and fast hits you in the body in such a way that it will twist your body, your body will twist - and the Havok Spectrum 4.0 will properly calculate and display that result. (At least, that's as much as we can understand from trying to translate our source article).

    Perhaps the most interesting tidbit generated by Havok was comparisons of the software operating between the PS3 and PC. Havok Spectrum 4.0 is fully compatible with all the next-gen console systems. Obviously more powerful processors are needed to handle the heavy calculation loads that software like Havok will bring. One slide presented at the CEDEC conference showed that in terms of processing speed, the PS3 runs Havok 4.0 almost as fast as a triple-core PC!

    So <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>!
  16. Console vs. PC: Why Consoles Are Here To Stay

    Computer gamers will be quick to point out the fact that PC gaming is the superior form of play. They'll quickly argue that the gameplay has a better flow, controls are easier and more customizable, even saying that the graphics are better, the systems load faster, and multiplayer gaming is supremely exciting.

    While all of that may be true, why is it that console games continue to outsell computer games by a 5:1 ratio, year-in and year-out? Not only that, the console market is growing at a faster rate. So with all of the technical facts stacked against them, there has to be at least one good reason for consoles to continually outsell PC games.

    To put it plainly, there are many good reasons. The first main reason console games so vastly outsell computer games is the uniformity of the system itself. While new PC games are released that constantly challenge the maximum outputs of a user's computer, console games will always run relatively well as they are based on a platform designed for one system construct. As someone who originally designed a computer to play Half-Life: Counter-Strike, I know all too well the pains of playing a game like Half-Life 2 or other newer, high-end games. However, with the release of new console games, developers simply worked to push the Xbox 360 and Playstation 2 to their absolute limits.

    While some will argue this point as a downfall of consoles, I contend that it is a major strength. The ability to have a level playing field with gamers makes things more interesting and takes out the argument of a better graphics card deciding the fate of a gamer.

    Another strength that allows consoles to continue to hold their favor among gamers is the group atmosphere consoles generate. A collection of PCs LAN'ed together in a basement or in the lobby of a dorm building is often seen as a batch of nerdy kids with poor hygiene. However, four friends sitting around one TV screen and battling in Halo 2 or Madden 2007 has more of a social feel. Society often views these gamers as interacting socially, while computer gamers are viewed, albeit incorrectly, as introverts with social phobias.

    Furthermore, another aspect that facilitates the success of consoles is the simplicity of the setup. Nintendo's Wii has received mixed reviews for its control format which will use a simple controller and track movements of users to interact with the games. However, picking up a controller with only a few buttons is much less daunting to new gamers than a full set of keys and a mouse.

    Consoles have also generated a huge customer base over time. Computer gaming was behind from day one as consoles were relatively cheap to begin with (NES, Atari, Sega Genesis), compared to the computers of old. The average gamer has been playing games for 12 years, meaning that the vast majority started playing on consoles, and not on computers.

    While PC gamers touted the speed of their systems, frame rates of their graphics cards, and power of their processors, consoles still outsold PC games by 152 million units in 2005*. Console gamers will be quick to remind those "PC people" that it's not the size of the tower, but how many people play with it.
  17. Consoles suck ass.
  18. only if you sit on the fan.
  19. I lol'd.
  20. Phil Harrison: Vice President of third party relations, research & development

    "rather than the artist working out the level design and setting out where the hills are in a flying game, howabout using a fractually generated landscape in real time that went on forever - you could even have a planet with rivers and lakes, oceans and hills, mountains and deserts, and you could have a million planets in a universe that you could fly around, and each planet could have its own indigenous creatures that could swim, fly, and walk."

    Dec, 99

    Phil if you ran with this idea then Spore would have been with us as a PS2 launch title!

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    Some stores here have already allowed pre orders for the PS3 and given people the November launch date. I would expect the large retailers that have already started advertising the PS3 are going to be rather pissed.

    This big Australian retail chain already has a countdown to the PS3 launch in Australia on their site.
  24. Just annouced: Japan and America are getting 500K PS3 instead of 2.0 Million.

  25. What a crappy way to start the day. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    But at least America will be getting the same number of PS3s that the Xbox 360 launched with, so there's still a good chance of getting one on November 17th. And Sony is still standing by their 6-million-unit target for March 2007.

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