The New COPO Camaro has arrived... Sort of...

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    Do you want to build your very own Camaro GS Racer featured at this year’s SEMA show? GM Performance Parts has the answer for you with the new $7,000 2010 Chevy Camaro body-in-white.

    Starting early next year, GM Performance Parts will begin offering the 2010 Chevy Camaro body-in-white in their catalog. Marketed towards the competition racer set, the 2010 Camaro body-in-white will save both time and money. The package includes an assembled body structure, including front fenders, hood, front fascia, grille, roof, doors, rear quarter panels, trunk lid, rear fascia, complete floorpan and chassis rails. The cost of the package will run you $7,000, a far cry from the up-level SS model that would see the removal of 90% of its original content.

    The parts needed to complete the package will include a powertrain, fuel system, suspension, interior components, glass and safety equipment. GM Performance Parts offers many of these parts through its online catalog and with such a large assortment of crate engine options listed on the GM Performance Parts website, it’ll be interesting to see what some of the grassroots racers will shoehorn between the rails of their build-your-own muscle car. Our ideal setup would be either the 6.2-liter supercharged LS9 or the brutal ZZ572/720R drag unit with its 572 cu. in. and 720 HP and 685 lb-ft of brute force.

    GM Performance Parts Press Release:

    Grand Blanc, Mich. – Racers who want to slip into something more fashionable at the
    track next year will find the 2010 Camaro is just their size. GM Performance Parts will offer body in white packages of the new Camaro starting in the first quarter of 2009. The basic package lists for $7,000 and includes an assembled body structure, including the front fenders, hood, front valance/grille header panel, roof, doors, rear quarters, trunk lid and rear valance. The structure also includes the complete floorpans and chassis rails.

    Racer must fill out an online application to be eligible to purchase one. The form is available at Bodies will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no limit to the number an approved racing team can purchase.

    “This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to build a race-ready new Camaro,” said Dr. Jamie Meyer, of GM Performance Parts. “We envision racers using these bodies for all types of competition, from Pro Street and Competition drag racing to road racing.” The body in white includes only a painted body shell and no additional components or materials. The bodies do not have vehicle identification numbers, so they may only be used as racing vehicles that will never be licensed for street driving.

    Racers will add powertrain, fuel system, suspension, interior components and glass (or sanctioning body-approved alternative), and safety equipment, then go racing.

    “For the racers who would strip down the entire car and replace most of the components with racing-spec parts, the body in white saves time and money,” said Dr. Meyer. “Drag racers, for example, won’t have to worry about swapping out for a solid axle – they can just bolt one up and go.”

    [via GM Performance Parts]
  2. pretty cool

    i'd put in some stupid powerful carbureted engine
  3. There HAS to be some kind of way around this "The bodies do not have vehicle identification numbers, so they may only be used as racing vehicles that will never be licensed for street driving" bullshit.... like saying its a kitcar and maybe getting a VIN made for it? I want mine fully caged, and running some insane boner-inducing engine.
  4. I really want that 572 they show on the site.
  5. I'm sure they've used it on Overhaulin' a few times
  6. is there a kitcar rule for massproduced car chassis? i dont think so. someone should look it up.
  7. A LS9 Camaro would be badass.
  8. This with ZR1 engine/drivetrain
  9. I so want one of these, but I'd want to drive it on the street
  10. Aha! According to the state of NC, "... A custom built vehicle is a vehicle that has been built from the ground using standard or custom parts..." Standard or custom parts? The "standard part" is the frame. I love loopholes. The toughest part is convincing the DMV goomba that it is not a new Chevy Camaro, but a "custom built car."

    I think I'm going to sell everything I own...
  11. I'll have to see if IL has the same loophole
  12. I live in Raleigh NC, 5 miles from the DMV and trust me our state is very liberal about what defines a "custom-built" vehicle. Hell I've seen glorified dune-buggies get certified out here.
  13. most of the kitcar/ custom car rules are retarded. In CA for example you can build a custom car with a tube frame and a vw motor but as soon as you put all terrains on it and it becomes a sand rail even with proper brakes, lights and a windshield they still wont register it.
  14. Chevy doesn't want the liability if someone does something stupid with it and hurts himself. Since the car would not have been crash-tested with the engine you drop in it, the feds see that as a vehicle you can't put on the street. But something you build in your woodshed can be titled and put on the street. I believe that's called "irony".
  15. um register it with other tires then. duh.
  16. That's pretty cool. I'm waiting to see the Challenger, Mustang, and Camaro in some new sort of new Trans Am series. That would be sweet!
  17. This is actually pretty awesome.
  18. With the problems at GM, a new T/A is highly unlikely.
  19. race series......not car.

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