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Discussion in 'MontoyaFan's Website Forum' started by Arcanjo, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. Ain't that cool.
    I don't like posting at all lately.
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    Below: the babe I 'met' this friday.
  2. The new forums are good. Just need some time to iron out the bugs. They're a clear step up from V2.
    And it goes without saying, nice babe.
  3. I can't believe all our great threads are now empty...
  4. I have something nice to say:
    Women were actually fighting over me friday night. Not actually fighting, but they were all trying to seduce me and competing with each other, and I chose the one from the pic.
  5. Why not both?

    Mojo too small? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  6. Because they don't want to share and I'd rather be 100% to one woman than 50% to two. I also would not like it if any of my women were foolin' 'nround with other men.
  7. Sharing is daring.
  8. Don't you have a different woman every weekend? so what do you care?
  9. I do because I'm searching for the right one. Once I find her, I won't pimp anymore.
  10. This statement is no longer valid.
  11. No statements are valid unless I get money on 'em.
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  12. I dumped the babe form that pic last night.
    I told her it wasn't going to work and stuff.
  13. So what's new? You do that all the time.
  14. Wanna steal some from Bernie?
  15. Bernie is poor, obviously that's why he has to charge people $$$...
  16. poor old niggah
  17. Hey ReeK, Erico wrote an exam for a job (good pay as well) but unfortunately didn't get it. He's depressed now and unless you give him money he will forever stay in this state of depression. Please help your friend and lend him some money!
  18. Man I got a wife and 3 kids to feed...

    But Erico, Cheer up dude!

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