The New Ghostbusters... oh god why

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    This looks like it is going to be terrible, and I noticed that sony pictures has deleted my and other negative comments in the comments section

  2. When I watched this trailer it had like, 25k likes and 50k dislikes. I assume the split is still similar?
  3. Trailers suck and I try not to watch them.
    Still watched this because of how shitty everybody says it looks. Everybody seems right.
  4. "If you don't like this movie then you're clearly A MISOGYNIST!"
  5. haha it really does suck
  6. Yup garbage
  7. LMFAO 135K likes, 310K dislikes. That blonde chick looks so annoying. It's like she can't decide if she wants to be a dude or a hipster.
    I give it -5 stars.
  8. i aint afraid of no patriarchy
  9. And I find it funny that they try to be so progressive, yet still don't think the black one is smart enough to be a scientist.
  10. Feminism is racist? Oh hell naw!
  11. Feminism is racist? Oh hell naw!
  12. There's more though. There's something about this film that isn't like all the others. It's beyond rational criticism in polite conversation. It's like trying to criticize the widows of 9/11 at a dinner table. Who's fault is it when the movie turns out to be terrible. It looks like an Adam Sandler movie, and if it was, that's who the media would blame. So you forgo politeness on social media and you criticize the movie, and every newspaper/blog has used these people to say men are upset with the film.
  13. Music is awesome.

    I wouldve liked it more as a sequel. Reboots are the GHEY.
  14. Yeah people have also been pointing that out in the comment section.... quite hilarious
  15. lol wtf at 1:58-2:00 when the dude walks in and the director implies teh money shot
  16. Four thoughts:
    #1: I can understand why they went with an all female cast so as completely differentiate between this and the original, not sticking copycats in the original characters roles and expecting us to buy it
    #2: The trailer makes it looks as crappy as 98% of the trailers I see today, so I'm not overly offended by this one.
    #3: If you grew up with the original, no remake/reboot would be acceptable to your palate. As you get older, you get the stories and songs you loved growing up get reworked and reimagined for the newer generation. They can't compete with the thrill you had as a youth watching/hearing them for the first time, but that's a combination of nostalgia and ownership. I say treasure your versions, and let the new generation enjoy theirs. It is the nature of storytelling for tales to be reinvented to reach a new audience. Maybe you're not that audience anymore, and that's ok.
    #4: Black female characters are always played for laughs as sassy and slappy and loud, is a tired and unfortunate trope. I agree they could have done better on that front. But it's not surprising that they didn't.
  17. Even if there was no original Ghostbusters, this movie will still suck. They're trying too damn hard with the woman power theme. They act like how bull dykes act in real life. Go out of their way to show how much their 'balls swing' and it's just pathetic.
  18. Movies with a pretentious agenda like this end up digging their own grave by sucking.
    Sorry to bring up Deadpool again lol, but one of the reasons it was so good is that it wasn't politically correct (or making any conscious effort to be politically incorrect) in any way.
  19. lol deadpool was very PC. especially the one scene where reynolds got doggied by his gf
  20. How are strap-on dildos politically correct?

    I liked that scene btw <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  21. broski you clearly haven't been around feminists
  22. I don't get it
  23. Feminazis believe they have as much right to penetrate the male as the male has to penetrate them. That way they're equal.
    This is typically allowed by your typical, white-guilt, cuckolded beta hipster.
  24. that an actual thing?

    We need another world war
  25. That probably is a thing amongst those types - it wouldn't surprise me. But in the movie it was just about being funny, nothing to do with rearranging social norms or whatever bullshit. You know who I really liked? The cliche Indian cab driver.

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