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  1. I bet RB drives around everywhere with the fuel light on, and on an empty stomach.

    Gotta save weight.
  2. Purchased $450 oil pan...
  3. Some of you will hate me for this. Just picked it up yesterday, sorry for lack of better pics.

    165XXX on it. New clutch recently installed. Has an aftermarket intake of some sort, pretty loud. Tint all the way around. Nasty aftermarket tails. Awesome 6000k hid. Only issue: door locks are messed up. Needs a new actuator is my guess, and the passenger window doesn't close properly from whoever installed the tint (it was done two days ago by the now previous owner).

    Today I will:

    - attempt to remove the tint
    - change the oil

    On order as of last night:

    - JDM headlights (the blacked out ones)
    - knockoff aluminum Mugen pedals
    - single din dash piece

    I'll post more pics later.
  4. Painted the valve covers in the same Burnt Copper as the calipers, also put on the Gates drive belt.
  5. quite like the valve covers. it's a shame the wiring looks like a massive mess. I take it that's all stock?
  6. Unfortunately. A wire tuck is my near future.
  7. lookin good
  8. Remind me to never buy a car with tint again.

    I also managed to fix the tint intallers errors. The passenger side window didn't line up at all anymore, and when I closed it, there would be a big crack for rain to come in. No more! Next up: new lock actuators
  9. R33 box is in
  10. About fUcking time!
  11. Just in time for the Dragon.
  12. Did a quick paintjob on the grill. That chrome was bugging the hell out of me, and I still haven't got around to getting the grill painted body color.

    So I just said the hell with it and blacked it out for now. The color balance is kinda thrown off right now with too much black out front, but I'll fix it.

    I also have some 6% tint on order for the lights.
  13. What did you order?
  14. I actually don't think I've ever seen one of those on the road before, oddly.
  15. Rhys CF grille. Plan is the Thursday before the Dragon, remove the bumper to install it and get the Eibach Pro-Kit springs on.
  16. At least you know you're a hard parking fanboi
  17. speaking of fanboys...

    Just got me a red Honda badge, haha. Other parts can't come soon enough! I gotta decide if I want summer rims right now, but winter is coming soon, or get an exhaust.
  18. a service is about as far as modified as its going to get
  19. uploading photos aint easy
  20. 6 spd GTI 6?

    Nice, always wanted one
  21. lol didn't know they sold peugeots overseas. i always liked those btw.
  22. Yeah I like the 306.
  23. There must be something about Honda/Acura lock actuators. Three of the four have gone out in my car.
  24. Good thing it only has two doors. New actuators are sitting in front of me, and are just waiting for me on a day I'm not so lazy.

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