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    Now that I have the r33 box in, my speedo doesn't work. R33 sends a digital signal to the instruments, and VL is mechanical. So I thought now would be a good time to create a custom cluster.
    Does anyone know a good site to buy aftermarket gauges from?

    Looking for something like Drifts 'iridium' series of gauges, digital, but with an analog look/shape;
  2. AEM makes stuff that doesn't look quite as stylish, but does fit the 'analog/digital'ish bill.

    Look up the 'AEM Truboost', I think they have a line of gauges that look like that
  3. And I can't decide between a supercharger or a turbo for the rsx. I need opinions. I'd like to make the car as fast as my old 240 if possible. Most supercharger kits put out 240-300whp, which is more than enough for me, but they only have 180ft lb! Lower end turbo kits also put out around 300whp, but around 280ft lb which I would definitely prefer.

    My dilemma comes down to the turbo costing a considerable amount more, it would probably make the car torque steer an insane amount, and I wonder how reliable it would be on a 170,000km (105000 mile) motor/tranny...Thoughts? I guess I could always get the motor compression tested before I do anything. Either way, any serious motor mods will have to wait till the spring/summer of next year (no cash)!

    edit: noticed that some Greddy lower hp turbo kits that are missing one or two pieces are going for 800 american...hmmm
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  5. STACK or MoTeC
  6. one possible option is to do a swap and get a japanese type r engine (k20a, 220hp, 8600rpm redline). i checked some on ebay and theyre going for 5 grand with ecu, harness and tranny, which is rediculous. if you have a local importer where you are, you may be able to land an engine and tranny for 3 grand, which is about the same as an entry level turbo/sc setup before electronics, tuning and bits here and there. you keep factory reliability and you can sell your old engine and tranny. a stock k20a responds well to mods so youd be in the 240-250hp neighbourhood NA with bolt ons. the type r tranny also comes with an LSD.
  7. RMR grill in.
  8. Looks like the grille insert fell out. Maybe a black on black on black front fascia isn't the best look to go with.
  9. Its still there. Its black on CF on black btw.
  10. Carbon fiber IS black?
  11. I'd throw a badge in there myself

    Anyway, no new mods, but after looking at this photo, I think I may pick up some cheap A-spec/Type R suspension. Would lower it one inch.
  12. I'll consider it, but I think I want to go for a more powerful route
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    here's one with a supercharger and 420 hp for sale

    a bit pricey
  14. this made me start looking at 306 gti-6's, they look so much better than most modern cars, but their interiors are looking really dated now. Also, low milage are quite hard to come by, the lowest I could find on autotrader was 63,000 miles, but they are pretty cheap, as that was only £2300. These things could start going up in value soonish maybe
  15. Some shots from the Dragon.
  16. 63,000 miles really isn't anything if it's got a good history. I'd jump on one if I found one for that price with those miles.
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    Just spent 4 hours replacing a single lock actuator, don't even know if it works.

    Seeing how there are 16 or so pages complaining about the difficulty of this job on an rsx forum, I consider the following image (3/4 down the page) an appropriate summary of how I feel.
  20. Awaiting fitment of new tail lights and a few other things.

    Struggling to find the motivation to sell it even though I get an inquiry or 2 a week.
  21. One more, and my replacement tail lights from JP.
  22. it would be a shame to sell it...

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